‘Owner’ Moon Hyeon-joon said that Se-joo did not like it and desperately wanted a patch.

On the 8th, at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul, the first round of ‘2023 LCK Spring’ T1 vs. Brion was held.

On this day, T1 defeated Brion and achieved 6 wins for the first time. T1 took advantage from the line before bursting Brion. In particular, in the first set, ‘owner’ Moon Hyeon-jun’s Baron Steel played a big role.

In an interview with Riot’s official broadcast after the match, Moon Hyun-jun said, “We won 6 wins, but it’s been a while since we won 2-0. That’s why I’m more happy.” 먹튀검증

After completing another carry with Se-joo, he was determined, saying, “I don’t want to play a champion like Se-joo. I hope the meta will change soon.”

He explained the good chemistry with ‘Keria’ Min-seok Ryu, “During the game, I called and listened carefully to each call, so this result came out.”

Then, in the face-to-face confrontation with ‘Commander Uhm’ Uhm-ti, Moon Hyun-jun confessed, “He was a good player as he thought. There was a play that I overdid in the beginning of the first set, but I think it would have been good if it wasn’t for that part.”

Moon Hyeon-jun saw the dramatic Baron Steel Gak in the first set. Regarding the perfect steal, he showed extraordinary reaction speed, saying, “I originally made predictions when stealing from last year. But today I saw something right. I think I did it with reaction speed.”

Min-hyeong “Kumayushi” Lee achieved the pentakill in the 2nd set. However, Hyeonjun Moon tried to steal his pentakill. Regarding this, he gave a witty answer, saying, “I tried to take it once, but luckily, I think I ate a pentakill.”

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