Head coach Joo Seung-jin, who made his official debut at Hwaseong FC, which is seeking to advance to the professional league, said he would create a competitive team in the K League as well.
Hwaseong beat Daegu FC B team 2-0 with Lee Seung-jae’s first goal and Kim Chang-dae’s additional goal in the opening round of the 2024 K3 League held at Hwaseong Sports Town Main Stadium on Sunday. Hwaseong, which is preparing to advance to the professional league by appointing Joo Seung-jin as coach ahead of this season, got off to a good start as two transfer players joined this year scored goals side by side.

After the game, Joo said in an interview on the Korea Football Association’s website, “The players who prepared for the pre-season performed well today. Since the system was established to some extent even before I took office, I thought about how to develop the team as a member of the current team,” and added, “Personally, it’s a satisfactory opening game, and I want to applaud the players who worked hard.”

“The players seemed nervous at the beginning because it was the opening game,” he said. However, the players adapted from the middle of the first half, and they easily took the operation of the second half through the first goal. From now on, we will pay more attention to the control of the game.”

Joo, who served as head coach of Suwon Samsung U15 and U18 for a long time, took the helm of Hwaseong Fortress this season after serving as head coach and acting coach of Suwon Samsung. Coach Joo, who took his first step on the K3 stage and is taking on a new challenge, wants to contribute to nurturing young players in Hwaseong based on his past experience with Suwon Samsung youth team. 유흥알바

Coach Joo said, “The club is very interested in fostering young players. I have experience in that regard, so I know how to systematically nurture the players. I will consult with the club so that the team can develop further.”

Hwaseong, the defending champion, has launched its own TF team to advance to the K-League, accelerating its advance to the professional league. When asked how he could contribute to the team’s advance to the pro league as a head coach, Joo said, “Hwaseong is the best club in K3. If the team wants to advance to the pro league, we want to create a team that can become competitive even when we move to the K-League 2 in the future.”

“Since the team won the title last year, we are definitely aiming to win the league title this year as well,” Joo said. “However, how we achieve the championship is important,” adding, “Only when the process is good can players remain competitive next year. We will achieve a championship that is faithful to our process.”

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