The Hwaseong City Hall Football Club (all-in-chief division) and the Seoul Low Vision Football Team (all-out division) won the 2024 Lotte National Blind Football Championship.

Hosted and organized by the Korea Disabled Football Association and sponsored by the Lotte Scholarship Foundation, the 2024 Lotte National Blind Football Conference was held to expand the base of blind soccer, improve performance, and discover excellent and new players for the purpose of improving the health of blind soccer players and participating in society as part of the Lotte Scholarship Foundation’s “Support Project for the Disabled with Shin Kyuk-ho Love.”

The tournament, which was held at Songpa Women’s Soccer Stadium in Seoul from the 22nd to the 23rd, involved 8 teams, including 4 teams in the All-Blind Division and 4 teams in the Low-Eyes Division, and about 70 players participated in the competition, while the Hwaseong City Soccer Team in the All-Blind Division and the Seoul Low-Eyes Football Team in the Low-Eyes Division each lifted the trophy. 토토사이트

The Lotte Scholarship Foundation and the Korea Disabled Football Association signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the “Sports Support Project for the Disabled” in April, and Jang Hye-sun, chairman of the Lotte Scholarship Foundation, delivered 200 million won in funds for the disabled football support project. Chairman Jang said, “We hope that the Lotte Scholarship Foundation’s sports support project for the disabled will expand the social participation of the disabled and increase their self-esteem, happiness, and confidence.” Kim Kyu-jin, president of the Korea Disabled Football Association, said, “The national blind football tournament has been completed with donations from the Lotte Scholarship Foundation for the development of disabled football. The full support of the Lotte Scholarship Foundation will be a great driving force for the development of disabled football.”

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