As additional antiquated predictions are satisfied consistently, we have more confirmation that the good book is experimentally precise, and that the God of the book of scriptures is the sovereign God of the universe.

I challenge you to peruse this report completely with an unprejudiced psyche so you can completely comprehend the reason why these verifications verify the exactness of the old sacred writings. You will never again view at the holy book as an outdated obsolete book that is at this point not pertinent to our advanced times.

The present world which adores the made more than the maker has been dazed by the things and powers of this world. Numerous in these “Cutting edge” times have a truly tough time tolerating Monotheism (the conviction that there is just a single God). To this end many have and will keep on dismissing the realities that demonstrate the legitimacy of the sacred writings. It doesn’t make any difference to them how ludicrous and dubious numerous cutting edge speculations are, the unbelievers would prefer to have confidence in completely false than embrace reality.

God believes us should search Him out and will open numerous mysteries until an individual begins to peruse His real statement with a proportion. In Luke 8:10 God uncovers that the people who have no confidence in Him or the word will find it to some degree testing to comprehend or need to grasp the sacred texts.

The following are only 12 sacred texts that science can’t refute or which they should concede that their speculations support or concur with:

1) Genesis 7:4 – uncovers that following seven days God would make the rising waters drink the earth for forty days and forty evenings, and that He would obliterate from the substance of the earth all living things that He made.

Note: Science additionally upholds the good book’s record of the extraordinary flood that might have cleared out all life on the planet, save Noah and his loved ones. 85% of the stone surface all over the planet is made out of sedimentary stone, demonstrating that previously the world was covered by water. Fossils of fish and other oceanic species have even been found on peaks, showing that they wound up there through an overall flood.

2) Genesis 1:1 – announces “before all else God made the sky and the earth”! Jews 11:3 lets us know that the universe was outlined by the expression of God.

Note: Albert Einstein’s hypothesis of relativity really upholds that the Universe as well as mass, energy and time all had a start, and that some “element” probably been liable for 안전놀이터  its start.

3) Isaiah 40:22 – “He sits over the circle of the earth, and its occupants are like grasshoppers; He who loosens up the sky like a drapery, and spreads them out like a tent to stay in.”

Note: The Bible forecasted millennia before science found that the Earth was not level, and that the universe is growing.

4) Isaiah 34:4 – states that all the host of paradise will ultimately be disintegrated, and the sky will be moved up like a parchment, and that all will tumble down as the leaf tumbles from the plant, and as organic product tumbles from a fig tree.

Note: The Second law of Thermodynamics, and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity support that the Universe isn’t everlasting; that it had a start and will have an end. Einstein’s hypothesis showed that the universe is growing thus it can’t b

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