I can’t see the exit.

The Seibu Lions, who replaced Kazuo Matsui (49) in late May, are heading for the worst. Hisanobu Watanabe (59) took the helm and started an interleague (alternative match) with the Central League on May 28, but the slump was deeper than before.

Seibu was defeated 2-0 in an away game against the Orix Buffaloes at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka on Sunday. The team lost four hits and no run from the first day of the league game, which resumed after the exchange game.

In the top of the fifth inning, when his team was losing 0 to 1. He combined two hits and a sacrifice hit to create a chance for first and third base with one out. He lost the chance he had hard to catch. After failing to hit a squeeze bunt, No. 9 Sosuke Genda was grounded out to third base. Then, No. 1 Yuichi Okumura struck out with a swing and miss.

In the top of the ninth inning when his team was losing 0-2. He also missed the last chance. Two outs and runners on first and second bases with four outs. The game ended when No. 6 Hasegawa Shinya struck out swinging.

Orix starter Anders Espinoza (four hits, one walk, eight strikeouts) and closer Andres Machado (two strikeouts, one walk, one walk and one walk, one walk in one inning) both blocked them. Tatsuya Imai, the Seibu starter, pitched well for two runs in eight innings, but became a losing pitcher again. He has lost for the fourth consecutive time in a row.

Watanabe lost for the fourth time in five consecutive games this season. In an interview after the game, Watanabe urged fielders to work harder.

Things seem to get worse as the season progresses.

Seibu was defeated by the Yokohama BayStars in the last two Interleague games. The team lost 0-4 on Saturday and 0-5 on Sunday. It had lost three consecutive games up to the Orix Buffaloes on Sunday.

Since Naomasa Yokawa scored a point on an infield grounder that he hit in the fourth inning against Yokohama on June 14, he has recorded a scoreless 32 consecutive innings. It is a club record for both the three consecutive games of zero loss and the 32 consecutive innings of no point. The record of no point has been broken for the first time in 60 years.

The performance is unprecedentedly sluggish. Watanabe had four wins and 14 losses in the Interleague, which continued on the first day of the league games. He had only four wins in 19 games under the new head coach system. He has a winning percentage of 21 percent. Of the 15 losses, six have been lost to the club.

The team lost to the Orix Buffaloes on Sunday, breaking its winning percentage of 30 percent. It had 19 wins and 44 losses and a winning percentage of 297 percent in 64 games. Even before the end of the first half, the team was lagging far behind the No. 1 Softbank Hawks in 24.5 games. It is overwhelmingly in last place, 11.5 games behind the fifth-ranked Orix Buffaloes. Among the 12 teams in the Japanese professional baseball league, 11 teams except Seibu have a winning percentage of over 40 percent.

The team’s batting average has fallen from .202 to .201. If the current trend continues, the team’s batting average is likely to fall to .100. No matter how “throwing and batting” the league is, it is a disastrous record.

Two hitters met the requirements for this season. Sta. Donosaki and Genda recorded 228 and 226 ri, respectively, ranking 27th to 28th among the 29 hitters. They scored a total of 143 points in 64 games. Average 2.23 points per game. Of course, they are the last in both leagues. 스포츠토토

The fear of ‘100 losses’ in a single season in 63 years grows.

The team’s performance is the worst, but it cannot be successful. A total of 703,303 people entered 33 home games and an average of 21,312 people per game. Rakuten

He is also at the bottom of the standings, lagging behind the Eagles. He is about half of the number one Hanshin Tigers (1,343,614 in 32 games, an average of 41,988).

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