Coach Bang Sang-Kongfani Burnley commented on the situation that has changed due to poor performance.

Burnley, which played the 19th round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) at Turf Moor, located in Burnley, England, on the 27th (Korea time), lost 0-2 to Liverpool. Darwin Núñez allowed the first run in the 6th minute of the first half and even gave up an additional run in the 45th minute of the second half.

The promoted team Burnley has seen its overall low performance in the league this season, and in particular, its home performance is the worst. It has one win and nine losses in 10 games. It lost all of its first seven games. In the 14th round, it invited Sheffield United home during the same period as the promotion, and won 5-0 to improve its performance, but it lost again in a row.

It is a historic slump. According to sports statistics firm OPTA, Burnley is the first team to lose nine of the first 10 home games of this season in the history of the highest league in England.

When asked about his home performance in an interview with British media outlet BBC after the match, he said he would not put any special emphasis on his home performance, but rather said he would work hard. When asked about his home performance, he said, “It is important to earn points wherever you are. We are doing well in away matches,” before adding, “Home fans are always with us. It was the same today. We have to work hard to earn points.”

Although his away game performance is relatively better, Burnley is on the verge of being demoted due to his poor home performance. He has three wins, two draws and 14 losses in 19 games, and is ranking 19th with only 11 points. Despite playing one more game, he is five points shorter than Everton, who are ranking 17th, which is outside the relegation zone. He is only two points shorter than Sheffield, who is ranking the lowest. 월카지노

As the situation does not improve even after half of the season has passed, attention is focusing on what coach Kongfani will do next. It is a different type of attention from before the start of the season. Kongfani scored more than 100 points (final 101 points) last season, giving Burnley the victory and promotion to the English Championship. Several teams showed interest in Kongfani, who renewed his five-year contract with Burnley and stayed with the club.

In an interview with “Amazon Prime,” Kongfani recalled his choice last summer. When asked if he was under pressure from his poor performance, he said, “When everyone asked me about my future four to five months ago, I decided to stay here and signed a long-term contract. Burnley is special. It’s a calm club and we’re looking into the future together.”

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