Seohyun Kim, the No. 1 pitcher of the Hanwha Eagles, surprised everyone by setting a goal of 50 saves. This is because the record for most saves in a season in the KBO League is 47, so 50 saves means that he will write a new league record soon.

Kim Seo-hyun revealed the behind-the-scenes story when the 50 save remarks came out at the time. Kim Seo-hyun, who said, “At first, I said 30 saves, but people around me asked if it was small, so I said 50 saves.” When asked if he would lower his goal, he said, “If I go up to the first team this year, even if I can’t make 50 saves, I want to try as close as possible.” said. He is so full of confidence. Hanwha coach Carlos Subero also showed expectations, saying, “A young player must have a spirit. Seohyun Kim is a player who will help Korean baseball after adapting to the pros.”

Kim Seo-hyun is a pitcher who spreads the ball in both three quarters and sidearm. He can confuse hitters because he suddenly changes his arm height depending on the situation. He doesn’t change arm height to throw a specific pitch. “He throws a fastball, a two-seam, a slider, a changeup, a forkball, and a splitter,” he said. No one told me or coached me, I made it all by myself.

Kim Seo-hyun said, “I like to play with the ball, so when I threw it, I threw something that worked well in a match. If it didn’t work, I didn’t throw it right away, but it worked well,” he said. I’m writing it because it’s going well,” he said.

The opportunity to throw with a sidearm also became a challenge. “He did it when he was playing catch, but he didn’t miss his pitch and went accurately and threw it in real life,” he said casually. For pitchers who work hard to improve his form, Kim Seo-hyun can be said to be an outlier.

He also throws a lot on the mound. He dazzles batters by switching to three-quarters and sidearms, and suddenly shortening intervals. Kim Seo-hyun laughed, saying, “I try to make the game easy and easy. When I throw irregularly, I suddenly have an idea and do it. As a result, it is rather difficult for the catcher to catch it.”

He described himself as a bullpen pitcher. Kim Seo-hyun, who said, “In high school, there were more cases of starting in the middle rather than starting,” said Kim Seo-hyun, “I think it’s better to block from behind because I can’t drag it for a long time after starting.” 슬롯사이트

Will the day come when Seohyun Kim makes 50 saves? At that time, I am curious about Hanwha’s performance.

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