I have trouble even if I do too well.

Hanwha Eagles general manager Son Hyuk and former manager Carlos Subero agreed before this season to limit second-year player Moon Dong-joo’s innings to around 120 to 130 innings. Unlike last year, Moon Dong-joo had to settle for the end of the season while consistently playing in the starting rotation for the first time without injury. It was early September.

In fact, Director Choi Won-ho’s position was that the decision should be made after hearing medical opinions. However, he accepted matters that were decided before he took office. Hanwha even decided to finish the regular season with around 120 innings when Moon Dong-ju was selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games national team. This is because he was expected to pitch about 10 innings in the Asian Games.

This is the background to the unprecedented ‘self-season out’ in early September. In fact, Moon Dong-ju pitched 5 innings each in the preliminaries and finals against Chinese Taipei at the Asian Games. Up to 118⅔ innings in 23 regular season games. A total of 25 games and 128.1 innings. The calculation seemed to be perfectly correct.

It wasn’t. Moon Dong-ju will also wear the Taegeuk symbol at the 2nd Asian Professional Baseball Championship, which will be held at Tokyo Dome in Japan from November 16th to 19th. He is expected to appear as a starter in about one game here as well. In that case, the total number of innings for the season is expected to exceed 130 innings.안전놀이터

The problem is that it has already exceeded 140 innings. Moon Dong-ju pitched 7 innings in 2 exhibition games this year and 5 innings in 2 Futures League games. He played 130⅔ innings in Hanwha alone, and if you add the 10 innings he pitched in Hangzhou, his total is 140⅔ innings.

The conclusion is that if you play APBC in this situation, you will get close to 150 innings. If so, Hanwha’s limit of 130 innings before the season actually loses much of its meaning. In fact, even more than the innings, just completing the schedule until mid-November can be overwhelming for a pitcher who is playing full-time for the first time. Although he hasn’t been throwing the ball consistently since September, it’s more of a wild assault that has moved from China to Japan.

In any case, this season is a season that achieved results that exceeded expectations. Even in the competition for Rookie of the Year, he is second to none. His military service was also resolved with the Asian Games gold medal. After Ryu Hyun-jin (36, FA), he is prepared to have a long run as Hanwha’s representative local starter.

As long as you don’t get sick, you need to prepare thoroughly for the 2024 season as you have a long schedule. If he maintains this skill next year, he should be considered a regular member of the national team. Next year, it will be time to play a lot of innings and become a real Hanwha ace. Next year, like this year, he may have to throw longer than any other pitcher. The Premier 12 awaits after the season.

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