I was curious about what North Korea’s soccer would look like after disappearing from the international stage for nearly four years, and this was what happened yesterday (1st) in the game against Japan. Reporter Bae Bae-jin reports on North Korean soccer, which was brutal not only for the opponents but also for the referees.


[North Korea 1:2 Japan/Soccer quarterfinals (Hangzhou Asian Games)]

North Korea’s soccer, which was constantly running and pushing hard, created strange scenes in the second half.

While the game was stopped, North Korea’s Kim Yu-sung approached the Japanese medical staff, took away their water, and then raised his fist and threatened them, resulting in a warning from the referee.

The startled medical staff flinched, and the Japanese player was also seen protesting in surprise.

The atmosphere became more hostile towards the end of the game.

In the 35th minute of the second half of the match tied 1-1, a penalty kick was called for a foul on the North Korean goalkeeper’s defense, and when elimination was confirmed due to this goal, the players, unable to contain their anger, rushed to the referee and protested harshly.토토사이트

The situation was so bad that competition officials rushed to intervene due to the intense momentum.

The behavior of North Korean players that deviated from common sense spread around the world through social media, and Kim Kook-beom’s ‘wonder goal’ in the second half was buried under ‘bad manners’.

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