FC Seoul, as well as Osmar, who will be remembered as a K-League legend, has left.

Seoul officially announced on its official channel on the 21st, “We have decided to stop accompanying Osmar for new changes and challenges in the 2024 season.” He added, “We will express our infinite respect and gratitude to Osmar, who has been with us for the team in a consistent manner over the past nine years, and will continue to cheer him on for his new challenges. Seoul has since delivered that Osmar will burn his last flame as a player, and that the club will do its best to assist the player himself if he wants to on the path of change as a soccer leader. In addition, Seoul will do everything in the future to Osmar without any negligence as a “legend” in Seoul.”

Osmar, who grew up in La Liga and made his professional debut, first met Seoul in 2014. His presence spanned both inside and outside the stadium. He was an irreplaceable resource as he could play center backs as well as defensive midfielders. He was more than just a mercenary as he encompassed his teammates with outstanding leadership. His overall K-League record was 22 goals and 12 assists in 282 games, making him one of the best Eleven teams in the 2016 season.

Osmar has finished accompanying Seoul, which is entering the system of head coach Kim Ki-dong. Fellow players were cheered on. The same goes for Ki Sung-yueng, an icon who was in charge of Seoul for a long time.

Ki Sung-yueng said, “I am grateful and thankful friend Osmar. We always smiled and exchanged stories as we got older. What if we were just 10 years younger? Over the past three years, we have relied on each other and made efforts as we passed the long tunnel together with Osmar. The energy has decreased as we got older, but I think we have endured and relied heavily on each other. He was a friend who made me feel the same sense of soccer. Whoever gets older, they become weaker and their heyday wears off. We comforted each other by watching them. And I think we did our best without any regrets. Ohs is more professional and sincere than anyone else. I want to see such a mercenary player in the future. Wherever he goes, Ohs will be loved.” 랭크카지노

After midnight on Sunday, “Suho-shin (Seoul supporters)” visited Incheon International Airport to send off Osmar. He spread his palms and made a “5” symbolizing Osmar, taking a commemorative photo. It was a moment when tears welled up his eyes, but Osmar and his fans said goodbye with a smile. As if goodbye is not an eternal farewell, Seoul and Osmar promised to meet again.

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