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Expectations are growing for Hanwha Eagles right-hander Kim Seo-hyun (20), who will enter his second year of professional career. Kim Seo-hyun, who joined the first-team spring camp in Melbourne, Australia, is receiving positive reviews from manager Choi Won-ho and coaches as he has consistently shown stable performance in bullpen pitching.

Kim Seo-hyun, who joined Hanwha as the No. 1 player in the 2023 Rookie Draft, had high expectations that he would play one of the pillars of the mound by banking on his fastball of 150 kilometers or more, which dominated the high school stage. However, he only posted an ERA of 7.25 in 20 games, 22 ⅓ innings. While striking out 26, he gave up 23 pitches in four walks, and the WHIP (per-inning rate) reached 2.02. He couldn’t solve the problem of unstable ball control. It was his first ordeal for him, who had been enjoying success throughout his high school years.

Kim Seo-hyun, who joined the spring camp after finishing the training camp with the Miyazaki Education League in Japan, has definitely found a sense of stability. While the power of his 150-kilometer fastball remained intact, his breaking ball was also seen in the strike zone. “As he takes the arm angle constantly, his ball seems to be finding stability as well,” Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho said.

Kim Seo-hyun’s appearance is similar to that of Moon Dong-ju (21), a senior who won the Rookie of the Year award last year.

Moon, too, had a challenging debut season. He debuted with a post-high school-level pitching title, but recorded an ERA of 5.65 in 13 games, 28 ⅔ innings in his first season. However, his ball control stabilized in his second year, and his ability to manage games became smoother, continuing to build wins. He pitched 118 ⅔ innings last year, recording eight wins and eight losses with an ERA of 3.72, thus clinching the Rookie of the Year award.

Kim Seo-hyun is classified as a resource to fill the starting positions of 4th to 5th along with senior Kim Min-woo, Lee Tae-yang and Kim Ki-joong. As his ball control has stabilized, there is expectation that he will play a role in the starting lineup as Moon Dong-ju did if his ability to manage the game is added. The key to the choice is whether Kim Seo-hyun will show a steady performance through pitching in the camp bullpen and actual inspection leading to practice and exhibition games. However, even if he fails to enter the starting rotation, he is likely to use it in any way in the first team, given that he is a player who can fully play a role in the bullpen, which Hanwha considers to be a homework to supplement. 토토사이트

This is the first ordeal facing Kim Seo-hyun, who has only achieved success as an amateur in her debut season, which resulted in failure. However, she solved her homework by sweating profusely throughout the winter, and is gradually revealing her achievements as she prepares for the new season. It remains to be seen whether Kim will be able to write a rebound story by herself.

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