The 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) in South Korea has come to an end. I accepted the disappointing result of being eliminated in the first round of three consecutive tournaments. The players now return to their respective seats for a fresh start, a new season.

National team pitcher Kim Won-joong (30, Lotte) told reporters after the last game of the WBC group stage match against China, “I don’t think it’s time to go back yet, but it feels awkward to go back.” Let’s do it. It ended with a good talk.”

There was a lot of controversy. 먹튀검증 This is because he had 5 consecutive fights with the Japanese pro team since the practice match. Kim Won-joong pitched in relief in three of the four WBC matches (against Australia, Japan, and the Czech Republic). In particular, he climbed the mound in a crisis situation. In the mid-to-late half of the game, whenever the national team fell into a crisis, coach Lee Kang-cheol’s choice was Kim Won-joong.

Nonetheless, the parties were resolute. Kim Won-joong said, “I just thought that when I played, I always went out. He thought that when the manager called, he would go out. It’s good that he can go out while still fighting. I was able to leave because the director believed in me.”

At the same time, Kim Won-joong said, “There are not many pitchers who can go out there. I’m like a lucky person I told the coach that I would go out well prepared because there is time to start the season.” Kim Won-joong’s first international performance and the final WBC score was 10.80 ERA in 1.2 innings.

He also pitched against Japan and faced superstar Shohei Otani in the 6th inning. At the time, Kim Won-jung, who allowed a right-handed hit from the first pitch to Otani, said, “I don’t know because it ended with just one ball. It is a game that I should have won, but I am very angry and regretful.”

Regarding the most regrettable moment, Kim Won-joong said, “The most regrettable moment is when the match is over. He’s something that can happen every single ball, but he’s got to be more careful and throw every ball. It’s a pity at this time,” he said.

Kim Won-joong said that he learned the ‘desperation of one ball’ through this WBC. He explained, “I realized the ardor of one ball because I had to go back (to the team) and throw a more important situation from behind.”

At the same time, he said, “It is good to have a long time with good colleagues, and there were many things to learn from the best players gathered, but it is regrettable that they went quickly. I want to tell my juniors to have confidence, saying that there is a good chance of winning even if you go to a big competition and enter confidently without being nervous.”

Kim Won-joong’s debut stage at the first international competition ended like this. Now, Kim Won-joong returns to his team, the Lotte Giants, to prepare for his new season.

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