Lotte Giants catcher Son Seong-bin (21) received rave reviews from LG Twins coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop.

Son Sung-bin joined the team after being discharged from the management on the 12th of last month. And soon after, he was immediately called up to the first team squad and is playing the season.

Currently, he is in charge of the back-up catcher who supports the back of the hostess Kang-Nam Yoo. Although his playing time is not constant, he showed off his presence several times even with small opportunities.

A representative example was the LG match held at Sajik Stadium on the 9th. At the beginning of the 7th inning, when the team was ahead 7-4, Son Seong-bin, one out and first base, sniped Moon Bo-gyeong, who was heading to second base, and got an outcount. Choi Jun-yong threw a breaking ball, and it was a full count situation, so the runner started automatically, but Son Seong-bin showed off his powerful shoulder and erased the runner. The team also maintained the score difference and took victory, and Son Seong-bin’s performance was even more brilliant.

Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop spared no praise for Son Seong-bin during the coach briefing before the All-Star break. He is an opposing player, but he was definitely outstanding.

Manager Yeom said, “The throw seems to be the fastest (among all players). The fast is of course too accurate. Most of the throw is on the base (good for tagging),” he said. “That day (9th) was a full count, so it was a running hit. It wasn’t, but Son Seong-bin was sitting, so even if he had a chance to play, he didn’t come out with a stolen base sign. That’s Son Sung-bin’s advantage. It prevents the opponent’s bench or players from starting, and in the end gives pitchers a huge benefit.” Explained.오래된 토토사이트

He continued, “(Choi Jun-yong’s) forkball went in well, but the runner’s start wasn’t slow in my opinion. You have to wait. You can’t run unconditionally. You have to figure out the pitcher’s type and steal the base.”

As coach Yeom said, Son Seong-bin is showing off his excellent ability to stop stealing. Although he has a small sample this season, he has a 100% steal-stopping percentage (4/4). The runners he caught were never easy. Starting with Guillermo Eridia (SSG Landers, June 16), Lee Yu-chan (Doosan Bears, July 2), Oh Ji-hwan (LG, July 9), and Moon Bo-kyung (LG, July 9) were players.

Son Seong-bin’s “exchange time,” the time it takes to switch from catch to throw, is 0.69 seconds, faster than the league average of 0.77 seconds. The total throwing time ‘pop time’, which is the sum of exchange time and throwing speed, is 1.82 seconds, which is also shorter than the league average of 2.08 seconds. He has incredible abilities for a rookie catcher in his third year as a pro.

Son Seong-bin is growing rapidly as he accumulates experience. I am curious to see how Son Seong-bin’s ability, which his opponent’s coach also acknowledged, will grow to great extent by polishing his own strengths.

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