In the 2023 season, KBO League MVP Eric Peddy led the team’s sweep.

Peddy started the home game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago, Illinois, on the 29th (Korea time), and recorded seven hits, one homer, nine strikeouts and two runs in 81/3 innings.

Thanks to his good pitching, the White Sox won the game 4-2, and Peddy became the winning pitcher. He won two games and was unbeaten in the season. He posted an ERA of 2.60.

The White Sox won all three consecutive games against Tampa Bay and recorded their first series sweep of the season. They won six games and lost 22.
On the same day, Peddy targeted the Tampa Bay lineup by using a splitter (6%) on an average speed of 83.1 miles (48%), a sinker of 93.3 miles (23%), and a cutter of 89.9 miles (22%).

Out of a total of 108 pitches, opposing hitters made 56 swings, of which 14 were swings and misses.

In the first inning, Rich Palacios and Ahmed Rosario allowed consecutive hits, putting them on the verge of first and second base with one out, but he escaped the crisis by fouling out Isaac Paredis and striking out Harold Ramirez with a swing and miss.

Peddy, who allowed a home run over the left fence in the second game against Paredis in the fourth inning, then allowed a double to Austin Shanton and was on the verge of losing an additional run, but ended the inning without additional runs by turning Curtis Mead into a fly ball to left field and Jose Siri into a groundout to second base.

Since then, the team has been smooth and smooth as if it were silk. From the fifth to the eighth innings, no runners have been sent out, overwhelming the opponents.

In the meantime, the batters did their jobs. With runners on the first and second bases with two outs in the bottom of the fourth inning, Robbie Grossman’s hit to the right field tied the game, followed by Danny Mendic’s hit to turn the game around 2-1. 메이저놀이터

In the bottom of the eighth inning, Andrew Benintendi brought in two runners with a single to the right with no outs.

He tried to pitch completely while he was out, but he left the mound after allowing Paredis a hit to the right and Ramirez a double to center field after one out in the ninth inning.

Jordan Rischur, who took the mound as a relief pitcher, finished the game and defended his team’s victory.

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