The Samsung Lions are considered to be the best team to spend spring camp this season.

I boldly decided to train the 2nd Army overseas as well, but luckily I was able to set up a training ground not far from the 1st Army campsite. 스포츠토토

Ishikawa Stadium in Okinawa, Japan, the training ground for the Samsung 2nd Army, is located a 30-minute drive from Akama Stadium, the training ground for the 1st Army. It can be said that it is the best training ground for the second team to come into direct contact with the manager while looking at the first team camp.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man said early on, “It is a great fortune to be able to see the players of the second team in person. It is an advantage that I can take care of it myself rather than grasping the movements of the 2nd team players only with reports. Players like Kim Heon-gon and Kim Dong-yeop, who fit the 1st team camp, went to the 2nd team camp, but there is no need to be disappointed because I can look after them myself. I am grateful to the club for creating a good environment.”

It is a great advantage that the 1st and 2nd team coaches can take care of the 1st and 2nd team camps. It is a condition that can give tension to the players in the 1st team camp and hope to the players in the 2nd team camp.

In particular, when a large number of young prospects participate in the first team camp like Samsung, the camp can be operated more effectively. This is because everything can be solved with just one word to change the 1st and 2nd army camps.

Interestingly, this Samsung camp was made thanks to LG’s decision. Normal operation would have been difficult if LG had had a different idea.

Ishikawa Stadium was originally used by the LG 1st team. LG came to Okinawa every year to practice combat.

However, this season, I decided to do all my training in Arizona. It was a decision based on the time difference between moving the training center, cost, and efficiency.

As LG decided to end camp in Arizona, Ishikawa Stadium could be completely vacated. Samsung did not miss this gap and was able to draw a good conclusion.

In other words, LG’s decision contributed to increasing the efficiency of the Samsung camp.

Will Samsung be able to gain the momentum to lead the new season through the operation of a joint 1st and 2nd camp? It remains to be seen whether LG will be able to capitalize on the opportunities it has gained thanks to its decision.

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