The ‘soccer special’ we remember and reminisce about is back. One of the highlights of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023, which is coming to a close with the arrival of winter, is the rise of Daejeon Hana Citizen. It received a passing grade in both grades and box office.
There was no shortage of anxiety ahead of the team’s return to the top stage of the K League after an eight-year absence through the promotion playoffs (PO). After Hana Financial Group took over, things improved significantly in terms of treatment, environment, and infrastructure, but there were still questions about whether the team would be able to survive in the K League 1. Above all, there were worries about competitiveness, as the team hadn’t made many changes to the roster compared to the previous season in the K League 2.

However, the primary goal of ‘staying up’ was achieved with relative ease. Although we didn’t finish in Group A (1st-6th), we were consistently in the mid-to-high tier throughout the season and erased our relegation worries in the first game of Group B (7th-12th) (Round 34).

Their firepower is impressive, led by Thiago, the “Brazilian Killer,” who is challenging for the K League 1 top scorer with 16 goals (5 assists). Until the 36th round home match against Gangwon FC at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on Nov. 11, Daejeon Hana had only seven scoreless matches this season. “If we lose one goal, we will go into the game with the intention of scoring two goals,” said Daejeon Hana coach Lee Min-sung, whose passion is reflected on the pitch. As the No. 1 team in “Dakgong (shut up and attack) soccer,” Dae Hana was no slouch. Lee’s theory is that if a team is not good enough to challenge for the championship despite being the best defender of an era, it must eventually win the game by attacking for three points. With 11 wins, 14 draws, and 11 losses, Daejeon Hana is in eighth place with 47 points and is third in team scoring with 52 goals (56 conceded).

The return of Daejeon Hana’s exciting and fiery attacking soccer has brought the Green Stand to life. The total attendance for Daejeon Hana’s 18 home games this season is 234,098 (13,055 per game). Compared to last year’s total attendance of 45,411 and an average of 2,271, this is a huge improvement.

Based on 18 home games, only Ulsan Hyundai and FC Seoul have drawn more fans than Daejeon Hana in the K League 1. Even if you expand the scope to include all professional sports, including professional baseball, the average attendance is in the top 5 or 6. This is even more remarkable given that Daejeon has a population of less than 1.45 million people. This proves once again that “sports is the best marketing”. 무지개토토 주소

The club should also be applauded for partnering with Hana Financial Group, which has long been committed to the development of Korean soccer, and steadily reinforcing its “fan first” philosophy. Expanding MD products and increasing food offerings are fundamental. The team has increased its box office momentum through various marketing activities in conjunction with its parent company, and has tried various events such as inviting Ahn Yoo-jin, a member of the popular girl group IVE, to transform the stadium into a place to watch soccer, not just football. Daejeon Hana’s fiery transformation is making the K League even hotter.

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