Dongguk University won the height battle against Chung-Ang University and secured the victory.

Dongguk University won 77-65 against Chung-Ang University in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League at Dongguk University Gymnasium on Nov. 25. With the win, Dongguk picked up its third win of the season and kept its playoff hopes alive.

The sophomore trio of Lim Jung-hyun (25 points), Lee Sang-hyun (13 points), and Ji Yong-hyun (14 points) led Dongguk’s offense. The trio’s performance helped Dongguk overcome a tough opponent in Chung-Ang University.

Dongguk University head coach 먹튀검증 Lee Ho-geun said, “It was very difficult to win three games. Lim Jung-hyun was timid, so I told her to try to shoot with confidence. After making one or two, I think she gained confidence. I think Ji Yong-hyun will also play a role if he reduces his ups and downs,” he said after the victory.

On the day, Dongguk University gave up a 17-26 lead in the first quarter, but took control in the second quarter with a strong pressure defense that denied the ball to opposing big man Lee Kang-hyun.

Coach Lee said, “I thought it would be difficult for Lee Kang-hyun to play one-on-one because he has a good post game. I talked to the players about rebounding after watching the last Chung-Ang games, and they did a great job,” he said, praising his students.

Meanwhile, Dongguk University was without Park Seung-jae and Lee Dae-gyun due to the COVID-19 issue, so they didn’t get much playing time. It must be even more gratifying for Dongguk University to secure a win under these circumstances.

Coach Lee said, “Park Seung-jae and Lee Dae-gyun were not in perfect condition or physical strength. I hope that the rest of the players will be able to do the same today, as this situation may come up again in the future.”

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