Kim Tae-sang from ‘Doinb’ became the head of a family.

On the 22nd, Tang Saoyu (糖小幽), the wife of ‘Doinbi’, posted a photo of her child and ‘Doinbi’ Taesang Kim on her SNS, saying, “There is another you in this world.”

Kim Tae-sang, who married Tangsa Oyu, a broadcaster and home shopping operator in 2018, announced that he had become her father by releasing an ultrasound photo of his child in September of last year.

Tang Shaoyu’s “Doinbi” housekeeper is famous. She visits the Hongqiao special stage in Shanghai where LPL matches are held every time, and cheering with fans at the League of Legends World Championship (Roll de Cup) held in Europe in 2019 became a hot topic. 카지노

Since then, Kim Tae-sang, who often published pictures of him staying with his wife, became the father of Han. Kim Tae-sang wrote, “I had a hard time with his wife,” and officials such as ‘Candice’ Suang Yoo also sent a congratulatory message.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-sang is taking a break from the spring season after his contract with Lining Gaming (LNG) was terminated last year.

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