Veteran mid laner Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang, who is taking a break for the 2023 season, has recently roughly revealed the S-level salary situation in the four major leagues (Korea, China, EMEA, North America). According to Kim Tae-sang, the Chinese LPL, which had been ranked first until recently, introduced a ‘salary cap (salary cap system)’ and the players’ salaries went down, and the Korean LCK took the world’s first place.

On the 5th (hereafter Korean time), Kim Tae-sang appeared on the personal broadcast of China’s famous e-sports caster ‘Millet’ and delivered the news. First of all, when asked if he had any plans to go abroad, Kim Tae-sang revealed that he had received offers from the LEC (EMEA) and LCS (North America) this season.

Afterwards, Kim Tae-sang roughly disclosed the annual salary of the four major leagues based on the information obtained from Stove League. According to Kim Tae-sang’s information, ‘S-rank’ players who made their name in LOL e-sports around the world were able to receive the highest amount in the LCK. Kim Tae-sang said, “S-rank players can receive the highest salary in the LCK. Then, the LCS and LPL receive a lot of money.”

The reason why the LCK has become the league with the highest annual salary is because of the LPL’s ‘salary cap’. The ‘salary cap’ is a system in the sports field that prevents clubs with a certain financial status from monopolizing famous players. It also has the effect of preventing salary inflation. With the’salary cap’ introduced in the LPL from 2021, the salary of LPL S-class players has decreased.

The extraordinary finances of the LCS were once again confirmed through Kim Tae-sang. The LCS is a league that has been known to offer a lot of money compared to its low international competitiveness. In the past, European superstar mid laner Luka “Puckz” Perkovich directly criticized it, saying, “This is a place to make money.” These ‘Perks’ also advanced to the LCS in 2021 and received a lot of money. 메이저사이트

Kim Tae-sang said, “S-rank players can receive high salaries in the LCS. However, it is different in the LEC. “Therefore, in the past, many LEC players entered the LCS because of low salaries. In the LCS, I was able to receive 4-5 times my annual salary. However, the LEC conditions are improving a lot now.

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