The Los Angeles Dodgers completely released Trevor Bauer (32) without any conditions. With a minimum annual salary of 720,000 dollars, Bauer can be used, but there is no team he wants.

The Dodgers officially announced the release of Bauer on the 13th (Korean time). On the 7th, the nomination (DFA) was processed, but no team wanted him during the waiver period. The Dodgers will cover Bauer’s remaining annual salary of $22.5 million this year.

If there is a team that recruits Bauer, who has been released as a free agent, the Dodgers’ annual salary burden will be slightly reduced to $21.78 million. From now on, teams that take Bauer can sign him for the minimum annual salary of $720,000 in the major leagues. It is an opportunity to use the Cy Young Young pitcher from three years ago at a low price, but no team seems willing to extend a hand to Bauer, who is branded as a troublemaker.

The New York Post reported that the New York Yankees and New York Mets have no plans to sign Bauer. Two New York teams are aggressive in signing players, but they are not interested. The San Diego Padres and Cleveland Guardians, which need reinforcement of starting pitchers, also reported through local reporters that there is no possibility of recruiting Bauer. According to ‘The Athletic’, the Minnesota Twins have the same stance. According to the New York Post, a decision-maker at one club viewed the re-employment negatively, saying, “If there is a team that wants Bauer, he will be on another planet.”

Bauer, who debuted with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2012 and went through Cleveland, Cincinnati Reds, and Dodgers, is a proven pitcher with a career of 222 games (1297⅔ innings), 83 wins, 69 losses, 1 save, 3.79 strikeouts, and 1416 strikeouts in 10 seasons until 2021.

In 2020, he received his first Cy Young Award in a shortened season with 11 games (73 innings), 5 wins, 4 losses, 1.73 strikeouts and 100 strikeouts in 11 games (73 innings) in Cincinnati, and also signed a 3-year, $102 million free agent contract with the Dodgers. Even in 2021, which was the first and last season for the Dodgers, he played an active part in 17 games (107⅔innings) with an average ERA of 2.59 and 137 strikeouts in 17 games (107⅔innings).

However, in June 2021, after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman, Bauer was placed on indefinite administrative leave by the Major League Secretariat and was out for the season. In February of last year, both charges were dismissed due to insufficient evidence, but two additional women who claimed to have suffered similar damage came out, and the secretariat issued an unprecedented suspension of 324 games to Bauer in accordance with the domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse prevention protocol in April. imposed a heavy punishment.

Bauer appealed, and the suspension was reduced to 194 games on the 23rd of last month through an independent arbitrator. It was possible to return from this season, but Bauer, who showed no remorse without an apology in a meeting with the Dodgers club leadership, was notified of his release. Although he has his skills and is legally free, his image as an intractable problem child has fallen to the ground. In the industry, the possibility of Bauer’s return was low, but this is gradually becoming a reality. 메이저놀이터

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