Suwon FC coach Kim Do-gyun opened up about Lee Seung-woo’s transfer rumors.

At the 2023 season K-League winter field training media day held at Parev Hotel in Seogwipo-si, Jeju on the 7th, coach Kim Do-gyun said, “There was no official offer from the club. I know that Lee Seung-woo himself has a great desire to go abroad once again. He also has the idea that he would like to take on the challenge if the opportunity arises. He went to Thailand and talked about this and that with Seungwoo, but he said that now is not the time to go overseas that I think.” 온라인카지노

Lee Seung-woo, who joined Suwon FC in the K-League 1 after finishing his European career last year, played 36 matches and scored 14 goals and 3 assists. After the season, there were reports that European leagues, including Denmark, were watching him.

However, coach Kim Do-gyun said, “If the physical part and defense are not supplemented, he can experience the same failure. He also accepted Seungwoo. He said, “I don’t know what situation will happen this season, but it would be nice to supplement those things, show an aggressive appearance, and challenge again after this season or next year.”

The following is a Q&A with director Kim Do-gyun.

  • Commitment this season.
    I think I will be able to see you in a better way at the start of the season. I will try to resolve the regrettable parts and achieve better results than last season.
  • The part that focuses on defense.
    Last season, I received a lot of questions about defense. I think the biggest problem is individual skills. There are new players who have been recruited to make up for that part. He has to play this season with existing Jackson and Shinsegae, such as Lee Jae-seong and Park Byung-hyun. I think the technical aspects have improved considerably. Because of my age, I think I will have to go through a season while taking care of my stamina. Physical fitness and injuries are a concern, but I think if you manage it thoroughly, you can match the combination well. Side Park Min-gyu or Lee Yong returned after renting, and there are concerns about the side. Park Chul-woo is expected to play on the right and left, with former members Jung Dong-ho and Hwang Sun-min, and newly joined Oh In-pyo. I wonder if the four players can find a better combination if they compete well.

-What kind of help does Director Choi Soon-ho provide?
Director Choi Soon-ho came and gave me a lot of advice. They are also actively helping to recruit players. Although the general manager was not directly involved in the recruitment of players, he actively considered additional recruitment. I received a lot of advice and help from general manager Kim Ho-gon, but I think general manager Choi Soon-ho will also be of great help. In order for Suwon FC to become a bigger team, I think more youth and infrastructure should be built, and I believe that general manager Choi Soon-ho will play a large role in this area.

-The background that led to the appointment of Yun Bitgaram as captain.
Yoon Bit-garam tried to recruit midway through last season. I thought our team needed that type of player. As he was recruited this time, he entrusted the captaincy while thinking of giving his own motivation to the player. From the meetings I’ve had so far, I’ve never had the experience of making a claim. There are players in the same age as Jeong Jae-yong. Since there are existing players, I asked them to give me a lot of help and the strength to lead the team. I recruited Bitgaram Yoon as a key player. Many leaders say that Yoon Bitgaram is good on the offensive side, but he has concerns about the defense. Rather, he was appointed as the captain in the hope that he would devote himself to that part while taking on the responsibility of the captain. So far, he has been leading while communicating well with the players.

-In January, he used the same training ground as Jeju United. How is he preparing for the opening match?
It has been competing with Jeju since the second division. In many ways, I think Jeju is a better team than us. I think they are better than us in every way. In the game of soccer, it is impossible to predict the outcome with a slight edge. You never know what will happen on the pitch. It’s not long after thinking about that with the players a little more, but if we analyze the new Jeju and prepare well, I think we can get good results even though it’s an away game.

  • The talented Lee Seung-woo and Yoon Bit-garam will play together. What kind of synergy are you expecting?
    They are capable players. It becomes a more difficult team if each individual plays only with talent. I think there must be sacrifice in talent. I will support them so that they can show off their skills to the fullest on the playground. It is my job to have more thoughts, such as Lee Seung-woo and Yun Bit-garam, as well as the sacrificial spirit of the strikers on the pitch. Offensive, there are a lot of good looks. As Lee Seung-woo himself knows, the story of the national team is about defense and physical strength. He knows it well, and he worked hard during winter training to make up for it. Although he is resting due to an injury, it seems that the season will be determined by how much he shows on the field. Because we respect each other, I think there will be good chemistry on the playground.
  • Regarding Lee Seung-woo’s transfer rumors.
    As you know, there were many articles about overseas offers in December and even January. There was no official offer from the club. I know that the player himself has a great desire to go abroad once again. He also has the idea that he would like to take on the challenge if the opportunity arises. When I went to Thailand, I talked with Seungwoo about this and that, and he said that now is not the time for me to go abroad. He said that he could experience the same failure if these parts, such as physical strength and participation in defense, are not supplemented. Seungwoo also accepted. I don’t know what will happen this season, but if I complement those things and show an aggressive appearance, I think it would be nice to try again after this season or next year. I also have a desire to go to a good league in Europe. If you wait a little longer and prepare yourself well, there seems to be a good chance. The European transfer window is currently closed. I am training with the idea of ​​concentrating on the team.

-What kind of training did you do to further strengthen your attack power?
It was last season that ran from pole to pole. Teams in the middle and lower ranks in the first division, like us, worry a lot about defense. As for the resource issues with defense, it takes a lot of money to bring in a finished defender. A team like Suwon FC thinks it’s difficult to bring these players. They tend to nurture promising players or recruit players who can transfer freely among existing players. I think we have to take risks on defense. That’s why I emphasize the aggressive part. It seems that a lot of goals were scored last season by emphasizing the part of scoring first after conceding or even when it is 0-0, or conceding and then turning around. Expect the strikers to score a lot this year as well. I am confident that we will come out better offensively than last season. It seems to be the reason why fans come to the soccer field. I will try a little harder for a more fun game and a game with a lot of goals.

  • How many goals will Lee Seung-woo score this year?
    This season is more anticipated than last season. Lee Seung-woo does not play soccer alone. We absolutely need the help of existing Rasna Murillo and newly joined Lee Kwang-hyeok and Kim Hyun. The physical condition of last season and this season are different. Considering the playing time and player condition from the beginning of the season, I think we can score more goals than last season. I am also expecting a little more. Last season, neither Lars nor Murillo performed well. They are working hard during winter training this season. If I get along well with them, I think I can score more goals and assists.

I have nothing to say about the ceremony because I prepared well. If you show that kind of side a lot on the playground, I think more fans will come to Suwon FC.

-The story you told Park Min-gyu and Lee Yeong-jun, who enlisted.
There is no special story. These are the players who dedicated themselves to the team and enlisted. I said thank you for that. They are also in a situation where they have to compete with another team. He has to spend 1 year and 6 months without injury. He told me to do well without any injuries.

  • What is your goal this season?
    I don’t know how to view the ordeal of the past two years from the outside. I and our players still think that we achieved as well as we prepared. Rather than being satisfied, I still have a desire to think that we can do a little more. The regrettable part of last season was not being able to make it to the semifinals. It was unfortunate that there were many mistakes. This season, I want to achieve the best results for the club. At the beginning of winter training with the athletes, I set goals. I think it’s possible. Several teams will reinforce and prepare well, but I don’t think it’s absolutely impossible. I plan to work hard until the end of the season with a goal of 4th place.

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