This season, OK Financial Group’s outside hitter Leonardo Leyva (33, registered name Leo) is running first in the category with 608 points by the time the game ended on the 22nd.

However, looking at the detailed attack indicators, it is somewhat disappointing for a player with the highest score. In terms of attack success rate, scoring 51.26% (8th in the league), open 45.58% (7th), time difference 66.67% (joint 8th), rear 54.65% (7th), the quick open is not even in the top 10.

OK Financial Group’s defensive ups and downs are the main reason. Looking at the team receiving efficiency alone, it is 33.07%, which is 4th in the league, which is not very bad. However, the average number of successful digs per set is 7.539, dropping to the bottom of the league. Not to mention the 9.182 of Hyundai Capital, which ranks first in the sector, and the 8.153 of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance right above it.

As the ball floats anxiously, it becomes difficult for the setter to raise it stably, and naturally, it is difficult for Leo to display 100% of his offensive power. This is why Leo’s offensive scoring ranking is even greater this season. 헤라카지노

Instead, regardless of defense, he is making up for that disappointment with the serve that depends on his skills. This season, Leo put 410 serve aces into the opponent’s court, the most in the league, with an amazing success rate of 0.944 per set. It is a significant difference even compared to 0.551 of Heo Soo-bong (Hyundai Capital) in second place. Because of that, it is difficult for the opposing team to block Leo’s serve feeling at its peak.

On the 22nd, at the Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, the 4th round, when he lost to Woori Card by a set score of 2-3, the greatness of Gyeonggi-do Leo and the regret of OK Financial Group were revealed.

On this day, OK Financial Group set a team receiving efficiency of 12.9%, the lowest record this season. The first 1 and 2 sets were somehow maintained at 20%, but the 3rd set was 6.25% and the 4th set was 9.09%, and it collapsed in the second half of the game, providing an excuse for a come-from-behind defeat. In particular, Kim Ji-han (Woori Card)’s three consecutive serve aces, which came out with a 10-5 lead, served as an opportunity to completely revive the opponent’s spirit.

Even in difficult situations, Leo always scored 30 points, the most among both teams. In the 2nd set, he ended a long rally with a powerful back attack, and in the 3rd set, he broke through the opponent’s blocking in the front line without hesitation, giving OK Financial Group a set score of 2-1.

However, as the opposing serve revived, Leo became lethargic. In the 5th set with 4 serving aces of our card, Leo only got 4 chances.

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