Incheon United manager Cho Sung-hwan said the scene he had prepared did not come out even with a dramatic draw.

Incheon lost the first point to Choi Kyung-rok in the 14th round home game of “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” against Gwangju FC at Incheon Football Stadium on the 25th, but Mugosa’s theater tie goal in the second half drew 1-1.

Incheon almost failed to earn a point, but only one point was gained due to a one-minute situation. Incheon ranked sixth (4 wins, 6 draws, 4 losses, 18 points), while Gwangju ranked seventh (5 wins, 1 draw, 8 losses, 16 points).

“It’s fortunate that we drew a losing game, but we didn’t come out much about what we prepared for the week, and the players are well aware of the poor performance, so we need to work harder and make more efforts. I will try to show better performance in the upcoming match against Ulsan,” Cho said at a press conference after the match.

Shin Jin-ho made his comeback on the day. It was his first appearance in 235 days since the 31st round match against Gangwon FC on Sept. 24 of the 2023 season.

“He is going through a tough time. He has reduced his rehabilitation period from a long-term injury, and he is not in perfect physical condition, but based on his performance in Wednesday’s practice match, he showed his strengths, and I think those things helped his team in a short period of time in this match as well,” Cho said of Shin Jin-ho.

He added, “I think it will be very helpful for hot summer weather or tight schedules as we continue to increase our performance and physical strength as we continue to increase our time.”

Regarding the performance, he said, “Firstly, we prepared to prevent the opponent from playing the game he wanted to play in the final third area in terms of possession, organizational parts when the opponent comes up, and the distance between the first and third lines. I don’t think it’s just because the lowered defense is there, and I think there was a problem with thinking that there should be meaning in stronger pressure, sliding, and attack.”

Incheon, which missed several opportunities in the counterattack, had a large gap in Gerso. Coach Cho replied, “I hoped that it would be in the back space attack because of the great strength of Gerso. I will analyze it well when I return to the match against Ulsan so that I can use Gerso.” 메이저놀이터

The spectators’ seats were closed, but the cheering sound was quite loud. “I heard many fans cheering for us. I am glad that the players did not give up and rewarded us with an equalizer until the end. I will continue to make up for any regrets,” Cho said.

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