Hanacard’s Kim Byung-ho and Blue One Resort’s Uhm Sang-pil, who were relegated from the First Tour last season and returned to the league through the Q-School, have been named to the PBA Team League Draft.

On the 23rd, the PBA Team League Draft for the 2023-24 season was held at the Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul.

A total of nine teams participated in the team league this season. The existing TS Shampoo Puradak was disbanded, and SY Group and Hiwon Resort created new teams. As a result, Hana Card, Welcome Savings Bank, Huon’s, SY Group, NH Card, Haiwon Resort, Crown HaeTae, Blue One Resort, and SK Rent-a-Car will form a new team league this season.

Each team will participate in the nominations until the roster reaches six players, which must include at least four male players and two female players. Teams are also limited to a maximum of two men and one woman, but can nominate one additional foreign male player over the roster limit. It is also possible for a released player to be re-designated by his original club.

The order of player selection is based on the team with the fewest protected players participating in the top rounds. In rounds 1-3, the lower-ranked teams in the 22-23 regular season have the first pick. The fourth round will be reserved for the top teams in the league, and the fifth round will be reserved for the bottom teams. New clubs (SY Group) that have already made a priority pick will be the last to pick in rounds 3-5.

Huon’s Jeon Ae-linⓒMHN Sports Reporter Park Tae-seong

Natsumi Higashiuchi, Welcome Savings Bank, PBA with the championship trophy

Huon’s three protected players (Palazon, Kim Bong-cheol, Kim Se-yeon), SK Rent-a-Car’s six (Lee Woo-kyung and all others), Hiwon Resort’s three (Lim Sung-gyun, Im Im-rae, Yong Hyun-ji), Crown Hae-tae’s four (Martinez, Kim Jae-geun, Lim Jung-sook, Baek Min-ju), and Hana Card’s four (Nguyen, Shin Jeong-ju, Kim Ga-young, Kim Jin-ah), NH Card 5 (Mamin Kam, Cho Jae-ho, Kim Hyun-woo, Kim Bomi, Kim Min-ah), Blue One Resort 6 (Uhm Sang-pil and all others), Welcome Savings Bank 3 (Kudrong, Wimaz, Kim Ye-eun), and SY Group’s priority nominees.

Hewons, which received the first pick, selected 토토사이트 Choi Sung-won and Semi Saginer (Turkiye), and Jeon Ae-lin as the female player. Hi-One Resort followed with Lee Chung-bok, Nguyen Duc Anh Chien, and Nguyen Phung Linh (Vietnam), while Welcome Savings Bank filled out its roster with Kim Lim-kwon, Lee Sang-dae, and Higashiuchi Natsumi (Japan).

Crown Hae-tae will join Oh Tae-joon and Kim Tae-kwan for the season. Hana Card brought in Murat Nasi Choklu (TUR) and Ayako Sakai (JPN), while previous leader Kim Byung-ho returned. The NHL Card will start the season with Oh Sung-wook and Antonio Montes (Spain). Blue One Resort, relegated to the CUSCOOL, will continue to push forward with the return of their leader, Uhm Sang-pil, who returned to the first tour. There will be no additional recruits.

In addition, two LPBA players were added to the TeamLeague, which previously had only Hida Oriie (SK Rent-a-Car) as a Japanese player.

Meanwhile, after completing the draft for the 2023-24 season, the PBA will hold its opening game on June 11 at Blue One Resort in Gyeongju. In early August, the PBA Team League will begin its long journey to crown a new champion.

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