Seo Jae-eung, KIA Tigers’ remaining coach, will make a comeback as a first-team pitching coach.

The KIA club announced on the 29th that “to renew the atmosphere, at the request of coach Kim Jong-guk, the position of the remaining coach Seo Jae-eung was changed to a first-team pitching coach.”

Coach Myung-Won Jeong, who led the pitching staff of the first team this season, swapped positions with Coach Jae-Eung Seo.안전놀이터

Coach Jae-eung Seo has been active as a coach for his parent team KIA since the 2018 season. Coach Jae-eung Seo, who served as pitching coach for the first team last season, moved to coach for the remaining team after last season.

However, as the pitching staff fell into an overall crisis this season and the ranking fell to 8th, coach Seo Jae-eung hurriedly returned to the first team to save the mound.

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