game in which the team’s strengths were revived. And at the center was the performance of ‘veteran’ Choi Min-ho (Hyundai Capital).

2nd place Hyundai Capital (13 wins, 7 losses, 40 points) set in a home game against KB Insurance (6 wins, 14 losses, 18 points) in the 4th round of Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Division held at Yu Gwan-sun Gymnasium in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do on the afternoon of the 12th. They won with a score of 3-1 (25-19, 23-25, 25-16, 25-20) and added 3 points.

KB Insurance, which had never won against Hyundai Capital in the previous three confrontations, knelt down again. Differences appeared in all aspects, including sub points (Hyundai Capital 5, KB Insurance 2), but it was the ‘height difference’ that separated the joys and sorrows of the two teams.

Choi Min-ho blocked attacks with blocking whenever it was important In

the first set, 10-9, where the two teams were in a tense seesaw game, Choi Min-ho blocked Andres Viyena’s (registered name Viyena)’s open attack with blocking. In 19-17, he succeeded in blocking following an open attack, overcoming KB Insurance’s pursuit and contributing to the team’s first set victory.

Unfortunately, Choi Min-ho, who added 2 blocks while giving up 2 sets, showed his presence even after his 3rd set. In the third set, 2-2, Hwang Kyung-min’s back attack was blocked, and in 4-2, Villena’s open attack was blocked.

In addition, thanks to the performance of Oreol Cameho (registered name Oreol) and Jeon Kwang-in, the score gap widened further. After the middle of the 3rd set, even the receive line of KB Insurance was shaken. Compared to the 1st and 2nd sets, the weight of the game slanted at an early point.

Victory is also victory, but Hyundai Capital, which wanted 3 points, pushed KB Insurance hard in the 4th set. In the 3rd set 3-3, Woo Sang-jo and Hwang Taek-eui’s consecutive blocking scores seemed to turn the atmosphere for KB Insurance, but in 7-8, Oreoll overturned the match with three consecutive goals.

It was Choi Min-ho’s job to drive the wedge into victory. In 10-9, he blocked Vijena’s open attack, and in 19-17, he scored three consecutive points, including two blocks. Hyundai Capital, which broke KB Insurance’s will to pursue, finished the game as it was.

A veteran’s game of life, Choi Min-ho, who is still needed by the team

The player who scored the most points among both teams was Hyundai Capital outside hitter Oreol (23 points). Opposite spiker Heo Soo-bong (17 points) and outside heater Jeon Kwang-in (13 points) also contributed with double-digit scoring. 바카라

If there was one thing that stood out, it was middle blocker Choi Min-ho. He worked well with setters Lee Hyeon-seung and Kim Myung-gwan, and easily played the game against Hwang Taek-eui, the league’s leading setter. The main gun Viyena, which accounts for a significant portion of KB Insurance, was also blocked by Choi Min-ho’s wall every time.

On this day, Choi Min-ho scored the third most points along with Jeon Kwang-in in the team with 13 points including 9 blocks, and in terms of blocking alone, he broke the record for the most blocks in an individual game. The previous record was 8 (November 5, 2019, before OK Financial Group).

There are three players in the team older than herself, including Yeo Oh-hyun, the “oldest” libero. Next is Minho Choi. He is burdened and responsible at the same time, but he has a strong desire to shake off the regret that the team has not been able to play spring volleyball for the past two seasons.

Even though they were defeated after a full set match in the previous match against Korean Air on the 7th, Hyundai Capital still did not give up their pursuit of the lead. Even if they fail to recapture the lead in the regular league, they are opponents that Hyundai Capital must overcome in order to rise to the top. Attention is focusing on whether Hyundai Capital can gain momentum with veteran Choi Min-ho, who is gaining strength.

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