“I’m always thinking about why Korean goalkeepers can’t go to Europe these days. If I retire later and have a chance, I want to foster Korean goalkeepers in Europe and advance them.”

Cho Hyeon-woo (31, Ulsan Hyundai) has a big dream. It is to block the ball in Europe, the center of world soccer trend. There was an opportunity after the World Cup in Russia, but it was unfortunately canceled. However, he wanted to help young players realize the dreams he had in his heart in the near but distant future.

Cho Hyun-woo became a star goalkeeper at the ‘2018 FIFA World Cup Russia’. At the time, Germany, which ranked first in the FIFA rankings, was also defeated without being able to break through Jo Hyun-woo’s animalistic save show. He had a chance to advance to Europe after the World Cup and was offered a direct sign by the German team, but unfortunately he did not advance.

He joined Ulsan Hyundai, a team competing to win the K-League, and maintained his best skills. The national team is also constantly selected and is gaining valuable experience in the best team. In mid-January, when the cold winter wind blew, Europe was still wriggling in the heart of Jo Hyun-woo, who met at the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ and Ulsan Battery Training.

He is not talking about leaving Ulsan and challenging the European stage. If he retires in the distant future, he wanted to make the dream of the European stage a reality for young players by drawing a ‘big picture’. Cho Hyeon-woo said, “I felt a lot while playing pro for a long time, and I was worried about why Korean goalkeepers couldn’t advance to Europe,” he said about his future plans.

“Why is there no starting point to advance to Europe? I always thought why I couldn’t go to Europe. After thinking about it, I would like to run an academy globally if there is an opportunity after retiring later. “I want to create opportunities to play in Europe. Coaches teach in Europe. Players go to Europe to learn. I want to support them so that they have the confidence and dreams to compete on a global stage like the Premier League.”

I was more desperate because there were opportunities to advance to Europe in 2018 and 2019. I faced a world-class team at the World Cup in Russia, and the fact that a love call came from Europe gave me the conviction that ‘certainly a Korean goalkeeper can do it’. Cho Hyeon-woo said with twinkling eyes, “It’s possible if we give young players early opportunities and experiences.”

“After I retire, I will plan to train Korean goalkeepers while living in Europe. It’s a pity that I just let go of my experience with the K-League winning team and the national team. I will show my strength, so please look forward to it.”

I couldn’t participate in the Qatar World Cup, but I tried to engrave both the world-class system and atmosphere because I am interested in nurturing goalkeepers. In 2018, I felt and captured what I couldn’t see because I was concentrating on the game in Qatar. “I decided to do my best every day whether or not I participated in the game. I had a good time with no regrets,” says Hyunwoo Jo.

Of course, every player wants to play in the World Cup. Since Bento coach pointed out Seung-gyu Kim as the first priority, he secretly hoped to wear gloves in the third match of the group stage. Cho Hyun-woo smiled, saying, “If we win 2 first, we might be able to play against Portugal at least once, but we were fierce until the end. Personally, I’m really sorry, but I have no regrets.”

You have big dreams and plans for the far future, but you have to focus on 2023. Jo Hyun-woo experienced both runner-up and championship after wearing the Ulsan uniform in 2020. Since I reached the top of the K-League, which I so longed for, I will challenge for a second consecutive victory this year.

I asked about the challenge for the second consecutive league title. Cho Hyun-woo said, “I always try not to lose my original intention like a rookie. After winning the championship once, I knew the taste properly. It’s a different feeling from the FA Cup. I felt this taste. I have to feel it again this year. New players It’s my job to deliver this taste to everyone,” he said.

He also knew how to get over the hump while winning. Cho Hyun-woo said, “During the season, there were times when we loosened the game we had to win or couldn’t easily solve the game we had to win. I remember the Jeonbuk game and Pohang game. He showed confidence in his second consecutive K-League victory. 스포츠토토

Ulsan is conducting its second winter training in the Algarve, Portugal from the 21st after completing battery training in Korea. During winter training, he participated in the ‘2023 The Atlantic Cup’ and faced Brentford B (England), FC Mittwillan, and Lyngby BK (Denmark).

“My goal for 2023 is, of course, to win. I hope to do well this year without injury. As for my personal goal, I want to reduce the number of runs. Like No. 21, I will prepare well with my teammates and play No. 21 without a goal. Ulsan this year too. I want to present the win to the fans.”

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