“Japan Is the Strongest in Asia” and “Can’t beat Team A” China is impressed by Japan’s strength! “Without a doubt, it’s great, and we have to learn from them.”
On May 3, local time, in the final of the U-23 Asia Cup in Qatar, the U-23 Japanese national team, led by Oiwa Ko, played against Uzbekistan to beat their opponents 1-0 and win their second championship in four tournaments.

Japan, which already had a ticket to the Paris Olympics, struggled, but Yamada Huki, the right wing, made a mid-range shot with his left foot in the first minute of extra time in the second half to score the first goal. Sekine’s handball later gave up PK, but goalkeeper Kokubo Leo saved it with a great save.

Chinese fans, who faced off in the first game of the group stage (Japan won 1-0), also paid attention to the result. The following voices were gathered in the comment section of the Chinese media “Jikbangba”, which reported the results.
“The Japanese team is still the strongest in Asia, winning the most titles in the Asia Cup.”
“Very well organized”
“Is Uzbekistan not considered a foul even if it knocks a Japanese player?”
“This goalkeeper will definitely become the main goalkeeper for the Japanese national team in the future. The captain of the Japanese national team is very good, and the left side-back is excellent.”
“The goalkeeper is reliable!”
“Japan is undoubtedly great, and we must learn from them everywhere we look.”
“China can’t beat the A team either” 먹튀검증

Korea lost to Indonesia, which was considered an easy opponent, in the quarterfinals, and failed to make it to the Olympics for 10 consecutive times. The praise that Korean soccer once heard seems to be completely turning to Japan now.

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