Rookie and Jackie Love presented a ‘strong welcome ceremony’ to celebrate the return of their partners, Ning and Baolan.

In the 2023 LPL Spring Week 4 Day 5 match held in Shanghai, China at 6:00 pm on the 10th, RA beat AL 2-1 and TES won UP 2-0.

Jackie-Rookie’s ‘Welcome Ceremony’

In particular, in the second game, Rookie-Jackie Love’s Top Esports (TES) defeated Ning-Baolan’s Ultra Prime (UP) with perfect performance.

The protagonist of the first set was Tian. As Maokai, he was in charge of the team’s initiation and led the team to victory in a 5-5 match.

The game in which UP had the upper hand with a 5-minute jungle running surprise top-line raid and a 7-minute surprise counter-jungle turned the atmosphere into a 10-minute battle between the top and mid (red side red buff).

The vanguard of the surprise ‘Welcome Ceremony’ was Rookie. They attacked Ning (Sejuani), who had been walking alone for 10 minutes, and congratulated them happily. Ning’s Sejuani (Bristle) was so shocked that she passed out on the spot.

Having obtained 3 kills in the engagement, TES planned another ‘surprise party’. Since the main character this time was ‘Baolan’, old partner Jackie Love took the lead.

Jackie Love set off firecrackers (Lucian’s ultimate skill, Judgment of Light) at Baolan (Nautilus), who came alone to the TES camp in the 14th minute. Bao Lan’s Nautilus, who was hard on the outside but tender on the inside, was shocked and passed out at the visit of his old colleagues, unable to even use the blink.

TES, which successfully held a series of celebration parties, ended the ‘Welcome Ceremony’ by bursting UP’s Nexus around 30 minutes.

Serious 2nd set

After the fun welcome ceremony, a serious match continued from the 2nd set.

Rookie-Jackie Love overpowered the line battle and gave Ning-Baolan a bitter defeat by introducing the ‘latest trend’ backdoor.

First, Rookie (Rise) drove Ching (Rennekton), who had an advantage in the opposite sex, to the edge of hell. In the mid-jungle battle, Rookie gave Tian 3 kills in just 5 minutes.

While Ning’s frustrating steps headed toward the top, more than 20 CS occurred in the bottom and mid lane battles alone, and overall, TES dominated the lane battles. In particular, the rookie showed a devastating line war, ahead of CS 40 in just 16 minutes.

The messenger was given away, but Tian, ​​who easily acquired the dragon with the power of the mid-bottom, acquired the third dragon (sea) in just 18 minutes.

Then, a tactical plan that threw UP into confusion unfolded.

TES engaged in a 4-5 match without Rookie’s Rise in the 24th minute sea dragon battle, and won a huge victory with a one-sided 4-0 exchange while UP was confused. Rookie’s Ryze destroyed the opponent’s top line inhibitor in the meantime and ran away.

TES, who dominated both the line and the engagement, took down Baron in the 25th minute and rushed to the bottom, ending the game comfortably around the 28th minute.

RA-AL ‘The Day of the Cube’

Meanwhile, in the match between Rare Atom (RA) and Any One’s Legend (AL), which received relatively little attention, RA won after a full set battle.

Coincidentally, in the first set, ‘Cube’s Day’, which overturned Gangplank by crushing Gangplank with Renekton, broke out, and RA completed the first set in 31 minutes amidst the great success of Cube, who showed Renekton with 6 kills out of 15 total team kills, 5 assists, and 6 nodes. won 먹튀검증

In the 2nd set, AL deliberately chose Ornn and played a game without top, swallowing regret, but he chose Renekton and led the tank formation to collapse instantly through an ambush in the 19th minute in front of Baron.

However, in the 3rd set, they succeeded in revenge. Against Ornn, who reappeared, he made a solo kill at the top in the 7th minute, and then in 15 minutes, he made a difference of 40 CS and overpowered the line.

In particular, the 22-minute scene that decided the game was the highlight. Even in the midst of the 4 opponents’ damage concentration, he made use of Sheep Slaughter (Q) – Blood Eater – Cut and Slice (E) to survive once, dying like a crocodile that ‘dies and leaves a skin’ and made 3 kills for his teammates. The balance that was broken by this engagement did not return to AL.

With this victory, TES ranked 4th (4 wins, 1 loss, set +6), and RA ranked 6th (3 wins, 2 losses, set 0). The defeated UP stood at 15th place (1 win, 4 losses, set -5), and the AL stopped at the bottom (6 losses, set -9).

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