Bruno Silva marked a milestone in E-Land’s history in Seoul on the day. He became the hero of his club’s 400th goal overall. He expressed his aspiration to write another history with the club.

Seoul E-Land beat Chungnam Asan 5-0 in the ninth round of the “Hana Bank K League 2 2024” held at Mokdong Stadium at 2 p.m. on Tuesday. Seoul E-Land ended its winless streak for five consecutive league games, while Chungnam Asan fell into a winless swamp for five consecutive league games.

E-Land in Seoul has shown good performance by winning two consecutive games since the season opened. However, it has been mired in a long-running winless swamp lately. Coach Kim Do-kyun expressed concern that prolonged period would affect the morale of players and vowed to make a “must-win” at the same time. In a pre-press conference, he said, “I’m okay, but I think players will feel psychologically burdened if the period is prolonged. Therefore, I’m worried that there will be a part that needs to be done tactically. However, if such concentration part is resolved and aggression part is resolved, it will not drop compared to other teams. We just have to overcome some differences. We must win today’s game.”

“Seoul E-Land,” supported by home fans, took the lead at the start of the first half. After Byun Dong-joon, who caught the ball in the box in the second minute, tactfully beat his opponent before attempting to shoot to cut through the net of Chungnam Asan. Seoul E-Land, which took the lead, then took the lead in the game through stable game management. Afterwards, Chungnam Asan launched an offensive, but Seoul E-Land did not allow pursuit based on its solid defense. As this trend continued, the mood tilted toward Seoul E-Land, and as Ikova and Bruno Silva scored additional points, they scored three goals in the first half alone.

In the second half, it was up to E-Land in Seoul. Just like in the first half, E-Land took the lead by operating the game in a stable manner, and seized the opportunity by inducing errors by opponents or by using rapid counterattacks. Thus, E-Land won the game 5-0 thanks to the additional goals scored by Bruno Silva and Park Jung-in.

Bruno Silva was at the center of the victory. As a key striker, he scored two goals and garnered one assist to lead his team to a 5-0 victory.

Bruno Silva, the leading player of the victory, said, “I’m so happy to win. I knew it would be a hot and tough game, but I’m glad to win. I also want to thank the defenders. I think I was able to score goals in front of them because the defenders played many roles in scoring five goals.”

Bruno Silva is not the type of player who scores a lot of goals. He has scored only four goals in his career-high season in the Brazilian league. However, he has already scored five goals at E-Land in Seoul. Regarding this, he said, “I’m glad I’m scoring a lot of goals. In Brazil, 스포츠토토 I used to play with sides widely spread, but now I’m going inside and getting closer to the opponent’s goal. I wish I could be the top scorer, but my goal is to win.”

Bruno Silva’s second goal on the day was his 400th in the history of E-Land in Seoul. “I didn’t realize that at all. I’m so happy to write about the club’s history. I hope we can write other stories, too,” he said.

Bruno Silva, who played only in Brazil throughout his career, is spending his time overseas. It may be hard to adjust, but he quickly became involved in Korean culture. He said, “I wanted to play in a new culture, not Brazil. That’s why I came to Korea. I’m so happy that the game was good and I showed good performances here. My family is satisfied, too.”

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