Jesse Lingard (32, FC Seoul), a former English national team player, hopes to make his debut as a starting member of the Korean professional football team.

British media outlet ‘Sports Group’ reported on March 19 (Korea Standard Time) that “Jessie Lingard hopes to start often at FC Seoul. I hope he will exert more influence (on the field) than now.”

Since joining FC Seoul, Jesse Lingard has played three games and 105 minutes in the 2024 K-League, moving between the right wing and the central midfielder. He played 60 minutes in the second round home game against Incheon United, but was substituted in the 30th minute of the first half.

“Sports Group” said, “The judgment is that Jesse Lingard, who has not had a team for a while, is still in the process of recovering his play speed.” The first round of Korean professional football was an official game in 322 days (10 months and 16 days), and the match against Incheon United lasted more than 45 minutes in 432 days (1 year, 2 months and 5 days).
Jesse Lingard scored 29 points and 17 assists in 182 matches of the 2014-2023 English Premier League. ▲ Offensive midfielder ▲ right wing ▲ left wing ▲ second striker ▲ center forward, scoring goals or assists in five different positions.

Until 2022, he was a Manchester United player who was ranked 6th to 20th in the European club rankings. During the reign of Jesse Lingard, EPL ranked first in the European league △2nd in 2014~2015~2018~2020 △3rd in 2016~2017 △1st in the European league for the rest of the year.

The “Sports Group” introduced Jesse Lingard’s position, saying, “I know that I am receiving attention from many people in Korea. In order to meet the expectations of fandom, it is necessary to include a starting lineup.”
Jesse Lingard helped England rank fourth at the 21st FIFA World Cup Russia in 2018. In April 2021, he won the EPL monthly MVP and goal of the month. There is no question that he is the most famous star in the history of the K-League.

According to the British daily “The Sun,” it signed a 910,000 pound guarantee contract with FC Seoul, making it the highest paid player in the 2024 Korean professional football. In addition, allowance for participation, victory, and attack points will be added.

FC Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong (52) directly criticized Jesse Lingard after beating Jeju United 2-0 at home in the third round of the K League 1, saying, “I didn’t even play for a few minutes, but I didn’t fight, and I played less than the full-time player.”
Jesse Lingard played 32 minutes against Jeju United, recording ▲100% pass success rate (7/7) ▲key pass 2 ▲pass validity of 22.86 meters or more ▲creating a decisive scoring opportunity 1. Given his contribution to the FC Seoul attack, he might feel that Kim Ki-dong’s criticism is unfair. 노래방알바

Of course, this is not a bitter pill that I heard for no reason. Jesse Lingard was inferior to Jeju United players in all six competitions, including competitions for aerial ball games. He lost ownership of the ball three times and failed in one attempt for dribbling.
FC Seoul will face Gangwon FC on March 31 in the fourth round of the 2024 K-League 1 away game.

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