The son of NBA’s “King” LeBron James (39, USA) was named an All-Star in his senior year of high school.

ESPN, an American sports media, reported on the 25th the list of 24 players who will compete in this year’s McDonald’s All-American Games.

Founded in 1977, the McDonald’s All-American Game is an event in which 24 players with excellent skills are selected from high school seniors across the United States and divided into two teams to compete.

James’ son, Bronie James (19), is a guard with a height of 191 cm and is attending Sierra Canyon High School in California, USA.

His father, James, was selected for the 2003 McDonald’s All-American Game and became the MVP, and then went straight to the NBA. His first son, Bro, was born in October 2004, before he turned 20.

James congratulated Broni on his social media account for his son’s selection as an All-Star. However, according to the NBA Draft age limit, which was newly established in 2005, Broney must be 19 years old to enter the NBA.

According to ESPN rankings, Broney is ranked 28th in the national rankings among his classmates and 8th in the point guard category. 토토사이트

Shooter Payja Stojakovic’s son, Andrei, was also named to the McDonald’s All-American Team.

This year’s McDonald’s All American Games will be held on March 28 in Houston, Texas.

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