Anthony, who was unable to play in the game due to assault charges, voluntarily underwent police questioning after arriving in England.

British media ‘The Sun’ reported, “Anthony, who was suspected of assault, left the police station after five hours of questioning.”

On the 5th (Korean time), local British media reported, ‘Anthony is under police investigation on suspicion of assaulting his ex-girlfriend twice. ‘Anthony’s ex-girlfriend Cabriella Cavalin claims that Anthony headbutted her and punched her in their hotel room,’ the report states.

Cavalin disclosed evidence containing threats and assaults from Antony. Among her evidence was a photo of her finger being injured by a glass cup thrown by Anthony.

Antony was called up to the Brazil national team, but her alleged crimes led to her being left out of two 2026 World Cup qualifiers. The Brazilian national team said through their official channel, ‘Anthony needs to be released from the hospital due to assault. Gabriel Jesus was selected as a replacement.’

At the time, Anthony’s side said, ‘We are aware of the facts regarding this charge. You need to understand the situation. Next, I will announce my position. “I have nothing to say now,” he said.

On the 6th (Korean time), Brazilian media ‘Uol’ reported that ‘Manchester United is considering removing Anthony from the squad after being accused of a crime related to his ex-girlfriend.’

Brazilian media reported, ‘Manchester United’s board of directors is currently considering what decision to make regarding Anthony. ‘The same strict standards will be followed as in the Greenwood case,’ he added.

Anthony didn’t stay still either. In an interview with local media on the 9th (Korean time), she shed tears, saying, “I have never attacked any woman.” He claimed that Kabalin manipulated public conversations.

He then refuted the revelations. Antony completely denied Kabalin’s alleged threats. He said, “I never said that. She cursed at me, questioning why I went to the club and why I didn’t call. I didn’t do anything to her at that moment. She complained of her injustice, saying, “Many of the things she said were not true.”

Anthony said, “The truth will come out soon. Becoming a national team member is a drea

Manchester United announced on its official website on the 10th (Korean time), ‘Players who have not played the A match will train from the following Monday. ‘Anthony has agreed not to return to action until further notice regarding the charges,’ the release said.토토사이트

‘The club opposes all acts of violence and abuse. ‘We recognize the importance of protecting everyone involved in this situation.’ Anthony has not been able to participate in the club’s training to date.

m I dream of every day. “I have never been assaulted,” he said.

Anthony flew to Manchester, England on the 27th (Korean time) to return and be investigated. ‘The Sun’ reported, “Anthony is ready to return to the UK to assert his innocence.”

According to the media, Anthony voluntarily visited the police station and was questioned. He also planned to hand over his phone to police to help with their investigation. Anthony was released from the police station after a five-hour interrogation with Greater Manchester Police.

Nothing is yet known about the results of the investigation. However, despite his status as a suspect, Anthony is active in the case. It is expected that it will not take long for the results of the incident to come out.

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