Pohang Steelers coach Kim Ki-dong is preparing another magic.

Pohang defeated Suwon FC 2-1 with Go Young-jun and Jeong Jae-hee’s consecutive goals in the Hana One Q K-League 1 2023 round 2 away match held at Suwon Sports Complex on the 4th.

Pohang (6 points), which continued its two-game winning streak after the opening, maintained its first place. He also showed off his firepower by scoring 5 goals in 2 matches.

Ahead of the match, coach Kim was in trouble. He couldn’t easily decide who to take the front seat between Jeka and Lee Ho-jae. In the first game, Jeka started. Lee Ho-jae, who was put in in the second half, scored two goals to lead the team to victory. In the practice game that followed, he scored multiple goals and showed off his good condition.

Before the game, coach Kim said, “Lee Ho-jae’s confidence has increased a lot,” and “I discussed a lot with the coaches about whether to start or not.” At the same time, he explained, “I concluded that it was not right for Ho-jae to enter later because my car had to pull up.”

Seizing the chance to start again, Jeka diligently ran the ground. He actively fought for supremacy and applied pressure faithfully. It was also the starting point for an extra goal. In the 32nd minute of the first half, he overcame the competition with the opponent and kept possession of the ball. Then, he sent an exquisite pass to Jung Jae-hee, who penetrated. A competition between Jung Jae-hee, the opponent’s defense, and the goalkeeper unfolded. The ball flowed backwards and Jung Jae-hee easily scored. 바카라사이트

In Jeka’s performance, there was director Kim’s spicy taste advice. After the game, coach Kim said, “After the first game, I had a one-on-one meeting with Jeka.” He said, “I asked Zeca how old he was, and he replied ’27′” and “When asked how old he wanted to play soccer, he said ’37′”.

Director Kim increased the intensity. He recalled, “I asked Jeka, ‘Are you better at headers than Lars or Edgar, or are you good at scoring?'” and “I said I should have gone to Jeonbuk or Ulsan instead of Pohang.”

At the same time, he emphasized the importance of personal training. Director Kim revealed the advice he gave to Jecca, saying, “I told you that you need to invest,” and “I told you to do personal training to improve your aerial ball and scoring power.” He said, “I asked him to invest in himself before and after training, and he has been doing well for a week.”

It’s not just Jeka. Pohang’s present and future, Ko Yeong-jun, was also given homework to develop decisiveness. Regarding his lack of decisiveness, Go Young-joon said, “It is my definite weakness,” and revealed coach Kim’s advice. He said, “The manager always says something,” and “He says he can become a better player if he only fixes his decision-making power. I will definitely fix it,” he said, accepting coach Kim’s diagnosis.

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