Baltimore wants to recruit a starting pitcher. Ryu Hyun-jin could be a candidate, too.

The official Major League Baseball website said on January 22 (Korea Standard Time) that the Baltimore Orioles want to strengthen their starting pitchers.

Baltimore took the leap by ranking first in the American League’s win percentage last year. After a long wait, the team became a young and strong team, ranking first in the American League and second in overall win percentage in the Major League. Baltimore is expected to become a stronger team in the future.

However, his moves this winter are still quite quiet. Except for the recruitment of Crack Kimbrel, there has been no significant improvement in his capability. As there are many young and talented players, the team does not necessarily need a big boost, but it has the capacity to build up its power and capability of a multi-profit player.

According to , the Baltimore Orioles is looking for a chance to reinforce its starting lineup. The team has been watching Dylan Cease, a “hot potato” in the trade market, throughout this winter. However, it is determined not to overspend it.

The Baltimore Orioles has a number of top prospects that other teams can drool over, but it has little intention of giving up young players who will be its future. Teams with famous starters are likely to demand top prospects from Baltimore. 랭크카지노주소 predicted that Baltimore, which wants to protect its promising players, could eventually turn to the FA market. Blake Snell, who is known to have a wide gap between the current market and players, is also a pitcher who does not want to pay that much for Baltimore. said that Baltimore could move in the “second-class” market, which is highly likely to heat up soon. Snell and Jordan Montgomery are considered the biggest players for starters. The “second-class” players, excluding them, include Michael Lorenzen, James Paxton, and Ryu Hyun-jin.

Baltimore has many starters, including Kyle Bradycie, Grayson Rodriguez, John Minns, Dean Kremer, Tyler Wells, DL Hall and Cole Irvin, but the departure of veteran Kyle Gibson could come a long way. He could try to fill in as a veteran starter. Of course, filling in Gibson’s position as an “inning eater” is not easy, but considering his career and skills, Ryu could be a good candidate.

However, the fact that Ryu’s agent is Scott Boras could be a stumbling block. Boras will not want other starters he manages until Snell, the most valuable of his “pitcher clients,” wins contracts that are more expensive than market value this winter. If pitchers such as Ryu Hyun-jin sign contracts, the demand for Snell will decrease and Snell’s “price” will fall.

With about a month left until the spring camp call, the FA market is still stagnant. Attention is focusing on how Baltimore will move in the market in the future and whether it will be able to connect with Ryu Hyun-jin.

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