The Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball (MLB), which broke up with Shohei Ohtani, are considering recruiting “living legend” Joey Votto (41).

MLB homepage MLB.COM reported on the 25th (Korea Standard Time) that the Angels are showing interest in first baseman Votto, citing a source’s report.

The media noted that the Angels are currently considering the young Nolan Shanuel as the main first baseman, but there was a vacancy in the designated hitter (DH) position after Ohtani left after signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Adam Duvall, who has 184 home runs in his career, is also interested in recruiting Votto as the next best option at a time when he is considering remaining in the Boston Red Sox, where he played last season (2023).

Votto made his big league debut as a member of the Cincinnati Reds in 2007, and posted a batting average of 0.294 (2,135 hits in 7252 at-bats) through the 2023 season. Votto is a batter who has been recognized for his accurate contact ability and pioneering ability as a “on-base machine” representing MLB. Choo Shin-soo (SSG Landers), who played in MLB for 16 seasons, expressed his respect when he played with Cincinnati.

Votto qualified as an FA when Cincinnati rejected a $20 million 2024 team option and paid a $7 million buyout. Votto’s considerable age ended his 20-plus year companionship. 라바카지노주소 Cincinnati is not considering a reunion with Votto.

MLB.COM predicts that Votto’s recruitment will provide higher efficiency than investment. It is true that Votto showed an aging curve in both the 2022 and 2023 seasons, hitting only in the early 20s, but Votto’s abundant experience can have a positive effect on the team. Against this backdrop, Votto’s expected destinations such as the Toronto Blue Jays and the Angels have also been added.

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