During the third World Baseball Classic (WBC) tournament in March, the Korean National Baseball Organization (KBO) came under fire after it was revealed that its players had been drinking late into the night at nightclubs. Following a report by a media outlet, the KBO launched its own investigation and three players – Kim Kwang-hyun, Lee Yong-chan, and Chung Chul-won – admitted to the incident and apologized. All were dropped from the first team roster.

Kim Kwang-hyun visited a Korean snack bar in Akasaka, Tokyo, on the night he traveled to Tokyo after a practice game in Osaka, and then visited the same place with high school junior Chung Chul-won after the game against Japan on the 10th. Yoo Yong-chan visited the bar with an acquaintance and met Kim Kwang-hyun and Chung Chul-won. Most of them claimed to have left the 메이저사이트 bar between 2 a.m. and 2:30 a.m.
The players stated in the police report that the restaurant was not a place for women and that they ate kimbap, tteokbokki, and sujebi. They also claimed that the time of the initial media report was not the day before the games against Australia (9th) and Japan (10th). The clarification raises the possibility that some of the allegations may not be true. This will be determined by the investigation committee. However, it seems clear that on the day of the massacre, alcohol was consumed with food until dawn.

Kim Kwang-hyun hung his head in shame, saying he “didn’t think fast enough” and was expunged from the roster. He will not accompany the first team for the time being and will take a period of self-restraint. As the eldest brother of the national team’s mound, Kim Kwang-hyun has contributed so much to the national team, starting with the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He has been criticized for reliving the pain of a first-round exit in three consecutive tournaments.

There was one photo from the tournament that caught the eye of baseball fans. These were pictures of the Japanese players at a dinner party. The first was a photo of pitchers gathering together for a meal at the Miyazaki camp after the eldest pitcher, Darvish Ryu, suggested it. The young pitcher, who had been selected to the national team for the first time, was nervous and overwhelmed by the atmosphere, so they gathered to make him feel comfortable.

The second time, Darvish and the rest of the beasts gathered to bond, and then a full dinner was held for the entire team, including Shohei Ohtani, an Idoryu star who joined the team late in the Osaka practice game. Darvish and Ohtani shared the cost of the meal, and the group took a group photo at the end of the meal in a cordial atmosphere. Alcohol was also served. Wine and draft beer were enjoyed. You can read the sense of unity that formed around Darvish.

The Korean national team didn’t seem to have their own dinner. At the time, Kim Kwang-hyun was frustrated when news of the Japanese team’s drinking party broke during training. “I think we need to perform well before we can have a dinner. If we do it before the tournament, it might come out. I’m always cautious and watchful,” he sighed.

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