On the 20th, at the LCK Arena located in Lol Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, the first round of the regular season of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’, kt Rolster vs. T1, took place.

On this day at kt, Kim “Kiin” Ki-in, “Curz” Moon Woo-chan, “BDD” Kwak Bo-seong, “Aiming” Kim Ha-ram, and “Lehenz” Son Si-woo appeared. ‘ Lee Sang-hyeok, ‘Kumayushi’ Min-hyeong, and ‘Keria’ Min-seok Ryu took part.

In the first set, T1 picked Nar, Vi, Galio, Sivir, and Yumi, while kt picked Jax, Wukong, Syndra, Jerry, and Lulu.

While ‘Aiming’ and ‘Lehenz’ pushed the bot line, ‘Curze’ effortlessly killed the first dragon, the wind dragon. Afterwards, ‘Aiming’ and ‘Lehenz’ showed perfect skill linkage and caught ‘Keria’, and on the top, ‘Curz’ and ‘BidiD’ succeeded in defeating ‘Zeus’ through a turret dive.

T1 was not alone. Everyone except ‘Zeus’ gathered in mid-air and exploded ‘Bidi Dee’, and obtained a lot of mid-turret gold using the messengers who had been defeated earlier. KT took advantage of the fact that T1’s main skills were missing, and took the second dragon, the chemical engineering dragon. 온라인바카라

T1 aimed for ‘Aiming’, who was eating CS in mid-mid, but couldn’t catch it. Afterwards, T1 tried to attack again from their red side, but failed again, destroying all of the twin turrets.

As soon as he came back to life, T1 succeeded in counterattacking and took the fourth dragon, the sea dragon. However, as soon as kt caught the ‘owner’, they pushed into the midfield and easily destroyed the Nexus by winning the teamfight.

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