The Russian national soccer team no longer wears Adidas uniforms.

Soccer equipment site ‘Pooti Headlines’ said, “Adidas’ sponsorship of the uniforms supplied to the Russian Football Association since 2008 has officially ended.” Three years ago, the contract was extended until 2026, but the partnership was unilaterally severed due to the invasion of Ukraine.

As Russia goes to war with Ukraine, all groups in football are cutting ties. The Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) and the Confederation of European Football Associations (UEFA) have banned the Russian national team and clubs from international competitions. As a result, Russia cannot participate in the 2022 Qatar World Cup, UEFA Nations League, and Euro 2024 regional qualifiers.

The influence of sponsors is also great. Russia has been wearing Adidas uniforms for a long time, but now they have to find another brand. Adidas withdrew its intention to sponsor Russia after the invasion, but so far the Russian Football Association has delayed an official announcement. Until recently, it was known that he was wearing clothing provided by Adidas.

However, Alexander Yukov, head of the Russian Football Association, said, “From 2023, we will not wear Adidas-made uniforms. We will announce a new sponsor within the first quarter. We are already negotiating with some domestic and foreign companies.” 바카라사이트

Local media predicted that “Russia’s only option will be to rely on domestic brands or companies sympathetic to Vladimir Putin.”

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