Max Fried (29), the ace of the Atlanta Braves, who is leading the major league overall, finished his first rehabilitation match. His return is imminent.

Fried threw a total of 35 pitches (18 strikes) in 1 1/3 innings in a minor league Triple-A game on the 10th (hereafter Korean time).

On this day, Fried struggled with pitching and threw 35 pitches while only 1 1/3 innings. He gave up two walks. But this is nothing to worry about.

Fried threw a 94 mph four-seam fastball that day. The good news is that there is no problem with redemption. Fried’s physical condition does not appear to be abnormal.

Previously, Fried suffered an injury to his left forearm and had to leave after playing against the Baltimore Orioles on May 6th. His return is expected at the end of this month or early August.

Forearm injuries often lead to elbow ligament splicing surgery (Tommy John surgery). However, Fried’s case did not go to Tommy John surgery.안전놀이터

Now, Fried is expected to return after two rounds of rehabilitation. However, since Atlanta’s performance is so good, I won’t be in a hurry.

If Freed, who has recovered from an injury, joins Atlanta, which had an overwhelming lead in the major leagues in the first half, the team’s performance in the second half is also expected to be very good.

Fried, a seventh-year major leaguer, pitched 185 1/3 innings in 30 games last year, going 14-7 with a 2.48 ERA. 2nd place in the National League Cy Young Award.

Then, this season, he threw 26 innings in 5 games before injury, and showed a good appearance with 2 wins and 1 loss and an average ERA of 2.05.

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