Manchester City have signed a contract with Oscar Bob, who is considered the team’s future.

Manchester City officially announced on its website on the 27th (Korea time), “I have renewed my contract with Bob until 2029. It is a new three-year contract.”

Manchester City manager Cheeky Behiristain said, “Bob is a talented and important member of Manchester City. He is a player who always tries to learn and listens to staff’s advice. I am proud of myself as I have seen him grow from youth to the first team. I believe Bob will bring success to Manchester City in the future.”

Bob came to the Manchester City Youth League in 2019 as a Norwegian national striker. Bob, a young player born in 2003, was well-received since he was a youth and was promoted to the first team after Pep Guardiola was spotted at the Manchester City Youth League, which is known to be difficult to survive. He also joined the Korean tour last summer, drawing attention.

His strength is dribbling. He boasts quite a good ability to drag the ball up from the side and a good sense of handling the ball and understanding of the game. He has started to play in earnest since this season. He has already scored goals in the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. He proved his star by scoring a goal in the match against Tsurvena Zvezda, his first starting player at UCL.

He was selected as a member of the Norwegian national team and scored a goal. Man City teammates Elling Holland and Norway also caught the eye. Bob is on the path to success in both the club and the national team, and his future looks very bright. Of course, Manchester City tried to renew the contract with Bob and was able to successfully renew the contract for a long time. 노래방알바

Bob said, “It is a great honor to re-sign with Manchester City. I learned a lot from my staff and colleagues because the Manchester City environment is very suitable for me as a young player. I am happy to be in Manchester City until 2029. I want to achieve more success. I will focus on improving as much as I can every day.”

Manchester City announced the renewal of Bob’s contract, saying, “The best moment has yet to come for Bob, who has made remarkable progress. Pay attention to him,” showing high expectations of the club itself. Manchester City has high expectations on whether there will be a star-studded youth who will definitely settle in the first division after Phil Foden.

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