“A million dollars? I’ll have to roll more”… Bloodless entry as a foreigner? It’s not even starting
On the 6th, Doosan Bears defensive coach Cho Seong-hwan personally checked the defense of Jose Rojas (30), a new foreign hitter, at Blacktown Baseball Stadium in Blacktown, Sydney, Australia on the 6th. Coach Cho has been in charge of infield defense training while entrusting outfield defense training to coach Koh Young-min, and on this day, joint defense training for infield and outfielders was held for the first time. 슬롯사이트

At the time of recruitment, Rojas drew attention because he was capable of both infield and outfield defense. Doosan appointed foreign batter Jose Miguel Fernandez as the designated hitter for four seasons from 2019 to last year. For a while, there were no foreign hitters threatening a single position in the infield and outfield defense, so the recruitment of Lohas was a choice that instilled great tension in the young fielders. In addition, as the ransom of 1 million dollars was fully brought in, it was clear that once Lohas’ position was decided, the competition for the position would decrease.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop chose right fielder. Rojas is training fungo only in right field during this spring camp. He was going to spend some time at camp trying to figure out which of the positions would suit him, but he chose to lock himself in early. It was a choice made in terms of the team’s power composition, but it may mean that Lojas’ defensive power is not outstanding enough to check various positions.

In fact, Rojas did not play a very satisfactory defense that day. When he handled ground balls, he missed two out of five batted balls. Kim In-tae, Kim Dae-han, Song Seung-hwan and others continued to play good defense in the outfield, so it was comparable. There was also an opinion that Rojas was not as fast as he thought.

Coach Cho laughed and replied, “I have to roll more” to the words, “Lojas came to Korea with 1 million dollars,” and then said, “It’s too early to judge right now. I think we can talk about it in more detail after Lojas adjusts to the team. . Still, I play a stable defense,” he added.

Coach Koh Young-min, who watched Lohas’ defense from the first day of the camp, said, “He seems to be a player who can do his part in defense. He is not fast, but his handling and shoulders are not bad. Even if he is not flashy, he has a sense of stability. I am also good at judging the situation.” He expected to show better defense in the future.

The defense has a bit of a question mark, but the batting is receiving favorable reviews every day. Players and coaches who watched Rojas’ batting training said in unison, “It’s similar to Fernandez, but he hits harder. I think he has a good bat.” Depending on how much the defense is able to close its eyes, the proportion of right fielders and designated hitters appears to be different.

There is great tension among outfield prospects just by fixing Rojas as right fielder and training. It is true that Rojas is a priority in many ways, but there is no guarantee that he will enter the right field without blood just because he is a foreign player. Will LOHAS be able to prove his worth of $1 million by showing the defensive power that will convince Kim In-tae, Kim Dae-han, Song Seung-hwan, and Yang Chan-yeol?

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