“Director, please tell me the problem.”

Roennis Elias (SSG Landers) started in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Kiwoom Heroes matchup held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 1st and recorded 3 runs in 6 innings (3 earned runs), 11 hits and 1 strikeout, and lost 3 seasons ( 3 win) took the second.안전놀이터

After being hit with a double by Lee Hyeong-jong at the end of the first inning, Elias started the game by allowing Kim Hye-seong to score an RBI in a timely manner. Afterwards, Lee Jeong-hoo also got a hit, but after that, he treated the three batters as criminal hits and did not concede an extra run.

Elias started the second inning with a hit by Kim Dong-heon and Kim Soo-hwan, but did not allow follow-up hits and blocked it without conceding. After that, I found a sense of stability and went through the 5th episode without a big crisis. However, he gave up 2 runs in the 6th inning and finished the game with 3 runs in 6 innings.

Elias had a short conversation with SSG coach Kim Won-hyeong on the ground ahead of the Kiwoom match on the 2nd. He went directly to manager Kim Won-hyung, who was watching batting practice, and asked for an interview.

Director Kim Won-hyeong met the reporters after the meeting with Elias and said, “Elias came to me first. He asked me what kind of problem I had. He asked me to solve it.” .

“I told Elias, ‘I gave up 3 runs in 6 innings. .

Elias scored 3 runs (3 earned) in 5 innings against the Incheon LG Twins on May 24, his debut match. Since then, he has been active as a quality start plus (QS+, 7 or more innings and 3 earned or less) in 3 consecutive games.

However, on June 18, against the Incheon Lotte Giants, 4 runs in 5 innings (3 earned), and on the 24th, against the Incheon Samsung Lions, 6 runs in 5 innings (6 earned) were shaken. Afterwards, he recorded a quality start against Kiwoom, but it seemed that there were many regrets left.

Manager Kim Won-hyung said, “I think Elias thinks he has failed in three games in a row. That’s why he feels very sorry.” I think I did it because I felt sorry.”

Manager Kim Won-hyung seemed satisfied with the content of Elias’ pitching against Kiwoom. There wasn’t a single sand dune. He allowed 11 hits, but it was judged that the Kiwoom line-up did a good job.

Manager Kim said, “There were a lot of hits, but there were hits that were right hits, and on the other hand, there were hits that were missed. Instead, I overcame the two critical situations well. In the last six innings, I was shaken and gave 2 points, but the ball count was unfavorable or I didn’t walk. I didn’t allow it. It would have been bad if it did, but it was a situation where I gave points because I was right. There was no problem with the pitch. I think the opposing team hit well.”

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