It turns out he’s a sweet guy.

Juan Soto (26, New York Yankees) finally hit his first home run at Yankee Stadium. In the 2024 Major League home game against the Miami Marlins at the Bronx Stadium in New York on the 9th (Korea time), Soto started as the second right fielder and scored two hits (one homer) in three times at bat, three RBIs, one walk and one run. His batting average for the season is 0.357.

In the bottom of the fourth inning when his team was ahead 3-0, Soto swung his first pitch of 87 miles changeup by Miami starting pitcher Jesus Luzardo slightly higher in the middle, sending his team over the fence with his signature upper swing. It was his second home run of the season and his first home game since moving to the Yankees.

Soto’s homer was an ultra-large homerun when he was hit. According to Statcast, the batting speed was 107.7 miles, the flying distance was 384 feet, and the angle of launch was 42 degrees. Had the batting been extended a little more, it could have bombed the stand on the second floor of the Yankee Stadium. Naturally, Yankees fans went wild.

According to , however, Soto wore a special spike since the opening game of this season. The spike had “SOTO♥NY” inscribed on it. Rumor has it that he has been actively involved since the beginning of this season and is receiving absolute support from Yankees fans.

Soto said, “I don’t want to lie. The fans are showing love every day. It’s amazing. It’s like that every day, every day, every game. It’s pretty great. The audience’s reaction to the home run is amazing. When the ball dropped, the fans jumped out of their seats. I felt good.”

At the same time, Soto’s witty fan service is outstanding. As a right fielder, Soto plays defense by listening to fans’ reaction in the outfield stands. explained that there was a pitching event before Miami started its offense in the top of the first inning, and Soto signed autographs for fans on the “Wonning Track” in that short period of time. 퀸알바

“I looked at the clock and the game was supposed to start at 18:08 (local time). I hesitated to come up with one. I had two minutes. After signing the ball, Nestro Coster (pitch) started pitching. He shouted ‘oh my god’. He grabbed me.”

In 11 games this season, Soto had 15 hits in 42 times at bat, batting .357 with two homers, 10 RBIs and six runs scored, and OPS 1.010. The more he continues to display stellar performance, the deeper his fans’ love for Soto will grow. Rumors have it that 500 million U.S. dollars is not enough for the Yankees to catch Soto after this season. FOX Sports recently mentioned a 13-year, 700 million-dollar contract.

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