Lingard (FC Seoul) compared the K League and the English Premier League (EPL).

Seoul drew 2-2 in the 14th round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” against the Pohang Steelers at Pohang Steelyard on the 25th.

Lingard started in the 13th round against Daegu FC and made his comeback due to injury. He played in about two months after the third round against Jeju United, but failed to display good performance. Lingard expressed regret as he was replaced at the 10th minute in the second half.

However, in the match against Pohang, he boasted his presence in the attack. Lingard created a scoring chance with a sharp cross from the right side in the third minute of the first half, and smashed Pohang’s defense with a sensational one-touch pass in the 33rd minute.

The amount of activity was also quite different from before. Lingard did not just stay in the front, but moved widely from side to side, taking advantage of the empty space. He also came down to the halfway line to receive the ball. Lingard eventually played full-time and stayed on the ground until the end to finish the game. Although the game ended in a draw, Seoul confirmed that Lingard’s form was rising.

FC Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong also said after the match, “It was even better than the last match. I thought about replacing him, but there were not many players who could speed up in the front, so I decided to play full time. I think I need to discuss it and adjust my condition.”

Speaking to reporters after playing full-time, Lingard said, “It was really good. I think we played well. Especially in the first half, we had a good game and we should have won because we created a lot of chances to score. Personally, I played for the first time in 90 minutes, but now I have to keep going. There were some difficulties in the second half, but I think today is the beginning.”

As for his condition, he said, “I think I have come up about 90 percent. It is true that it was difficult to play for about 10 minutes at the end because I had not been able to play for a long time. It is a natural phenomenon. If I continue to play like today, I think my body will come up more.”

Lingard also talked about communicating with Kim. Lingard said, “I don’t have any special order from the coach. However, I usually communicate with him by talking a lot. Now, I want to play a game where I take the amount of activity and create chances to score.” 메이저놀이터

When asked to compare the defense of Lingarden’s K-League with the Premier League, he said, “The physicality and physicality of the league are similar. All players play in the league and make efforts. In particular, the coach demands a lot of activity. He wants to play a role that fights from the front, but if he shows good performance, I think he will play a better game.”

“The atmosphere was good as the distance between the stadium and the stands was close,” he said, concluding the interview. “I want to show you winning through better games because you pay for support from a long distance.”

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