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The professional baseball Hanhwa, which stayed at the bottom for three consecutive years, ambitiously recruited Chae Eun-seong.

He is determined to take the lead in fall baseball by emphasizing communication with his juniors.

This is reporter Park Jae-woong from Mesa, USA.

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Hanwha’s spring camp batting training ground.

Chae Eun-seong is in the middle of giving advice on his batting stance in front of Noh Si-hwan, a 10-year-old junior.

He talks for a long time, even demonstrating enough to be mistaken for a dedicated coach.

Even in his physical training, he is passionate about communication.

Chae Eun-seong, who Hanwha recruited as a free agent after 7 years since Jung Woo-ram in 2015.

Knowing the expectations around him, he has a strong will to help his team.

[Chae Eun-seong/Hanhwa]
“Anyway, since I’m a senior in the field, I have a lot of young friends, so I think I’m well prepared to give them advice if they ask for advice.”

He even takes care of a new foreign player’s family in his spare time. 온라인카지노

[Chae Eun-seong/Hanhwa]
“What’s your name? What’s your name?”

As much as he is a veteran, he is also responsible for his performance.

Chae Eun-seong, who can handle both first baseman and right fielder, is determined to put an end to Hanwha’s dark history in the outfield.

[Chae Eun-seong/Hanhwa]
“Since I signed the contract, I heard about the position, so I’m preparing for both the outfielder and first baseman. So I think I just have to do as the team wants, as they want, and as prepared.”

Oh Ji-hwan, Lee Hyung-jong, and Yoo Gang-nam, who had been together at LG for a long time, and Chae Eun-seong, who were scattered.

We want to cheer for each other’s new start and show each other a brighter side.

[Chae Eun-seong/Hanhwa]
“We’re not going to see each other anymore. (Oh) Ji-hwan felt very sorry for me, but since all of my friends who left LG were treated well, I think everyone congratulated them and felt sorry for them.”

The goal this season is to advance to the postseason for the first time in five years.

We believe that the potential of young players is high, and fall baseball is not a dream but a reality.

[Chae Eun-seong/Hanwha]
“As a fall baseball challenge, of course, we have to set goals. I think we will be able to do better in the future. Since they are good players, I want them to believe in themselves and be confident.”

Chae Eun-seong signed a six-year, 9 billion won free agent contract and wore a Hanwha uniform.

Attention is focusing on whether he will be able to lead Hanwha’s mid-level jump.

This is MBC News Park Jae-woong from Mesa.

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