It appears that about $50 million (about 67.9 billion won) will be cut.”

It is unlikely that Shohei Otani (29, free agent) will wear a San Diego Padres uniform and visit Seoul for the official opening game of the 2024 Major League Baseball League, which will be held on March 20th next year. On the 19th (hereinafter Korean time), Bleacher Report selected the 6 teams that are not a good fit for Ohtani and are the ‘worst fit’.

The roster is gorgeous. Starting with San Diego, the New York Mets, New York Yankees, LA Angels, San Francisco Giants, and Boston Red Sox were selected in that order. Boston is the worst fit, and the other five teams also expressed the opinion that Ohtani is not a good fit.

Of course, my eyes are drawn to San Diego. It has to be that way. First of all, there is a sharp change in the pay cut policy. This winter, San Diego declared a diet. We plan to lower our payroll from about $250 million to about $200 million next year. We plan to reduce $50 million (about 67.9 billion won). Juan Soto, who received $23 million this year and is entering his final season of salary arbitration, is expected to earn $33 million next year. A trade is certain. There are many teams that want it.메이저사이트

In this situation, it makes no sense to embrace Ohtani, who needs to pay at least $500 million. According to simple calculations, even if a 10-year contract is signed, the annual salary alone is $50 million. Bleacher Report also interpreted that Otani’s move to San Diego did not make sense because of this. In other words, it is safe to say that Ohtani will not visit Korea to play in the opening game in Seoul next March as a member of San Diego.

Another thing is that San Diego’s home stadium, Petpo Park, is not a stadium that is very advantageous to left-handed hitters. It has been pointed out that the outfield between right-center and right-center is vast, and that the sea breeze blows toward the infield. Bleacher Report said, “Petco Park ranked 22nd in fly ball home runs by left-handed hitters over the past two years.”

Of course, Bleacher Report believed that San Diego’s lack of a designated hitter was a factor that suited Ohtani. However, it must be seen as not overall correct. Even if Ohtani prefers the West, this is why people talk about the LA Dodgers over San Diego.

For reference, the leader in the race to recruit Ohtani is definitely the LA Dodgers. There is a good chance that Ohtani will wear the Dodgers uniform rather than the San Diego uniform and start as the designated hitter in the opening game in Seoul next year. Domestic fans need not be disappointed at all.

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