Lotte Giants’ foreign pitcher Charlie Barnes made an early rout in the match against the LG Twins in Jamsil on the 24th.안전놀이터

Barnes came out of the ground after being replaced by Han Hyun-hee ahead of a match against Austin Dean after one out in the bottom of the 3rd inning when the score was 0-3. After giving up a walk to lead batter Moon Seong-joo, after a full count match with Kim Hyun-soo, he induced a ground ball and caught an out count. The situation seemed to continue with one company and first base, but suddenly Lotte pitching coach Bae Young-soo headed to the mound and handed the ball to Barnes. Barnes came down the mound with a dark expression.

An official from Lotte said, “The replacement of Barnes is not a special injury, but a decrease in performance due to physical condition.” It is not that he came down the mound because of a special injury.

At the end of the first inning, Barnes was put in a situation where he was on 1st and 2nd base unscathed by Hong Chang-ki and Moon Seong-joo, but he struck out Kim Hyeon-soo and double-strung to Austin and overcame the risk of conceding a run. After two deaths in the second inning, Kim Min-seong and Park Hae-min hit consecutive hits, and Son Ho-young gave up three runs while getting a left-handed three-run gun. He had a crisis by putting a runner out every inning until the third inning, but the pitch count was not bad at 44 while facing 12 batters. Even so, the Lotte bench chose to replace it.

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