The reputation of MVP has long since disappeared. However, there is a team that invests an unexpectedly large amount in him and is sure of his resurrection.

The main character who won the National League MVP in 2019 was Cody Bellinger (28). Bellinger made his major league debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2017, hitting 39 home runs and earning National League Rookie of the Year honors. The season in which Bellinger’s bat exploded was in 2019. 305 batting average, 47 home runs, 115 runs batted in, and 15 stolen bases, winning the National League MVP. 온라인바카라

Bellinger’s baseball life seemed to be going smoothly. But his moment of glory ended there. Bellinger, who showed a serious sluggishness with a batting average of .239 with 12 homers and 30 RBIs in 2020, which was played in a shortened season, bowed his head with a shocking report card of batting average of .165 with 10 homers and 36 RBIs in 2021. It was the same last year too. His batting average was .210 with 19 homers, 68 RBIs and 14 stolen bases. In the end, the Dodgers gave up on accompanying Bellinger and chose to part ways with a non-tender release.

The team that held Bellinger’s hand, who became a ‘forced free agent’, was the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs signed Bellinger to a one-year, $17.5 million contract.

How do the Cubs view the possibility of Bellinger’s resurrection? Cubs president Jed Heuer said in an interview with the New York Post’s podcast ‘The Show’ on the 1st (Korean time) that he was sure of Bellinger’s resurrection.

“Bellinger’s attitude in negotiating the contract was very impressive,” said President Heuer. revealed It seems that he was convinced of his sincere longing for resurrection.

Bellinger, who has been sweating since joining the Cubs, also reported on the current situation. President Heuer said, “Bellinger worked incredibly hard. Since signing with us, he has been heading to the complex in Arizona every day. My hope is that he will come back as a great player.” Are there signs of a revival already? Attention is focusing on whether Bellinger will be able to restore the reputation of MVP after a long ‘wandering’.

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