The first confrontation between Brion and Guangdong Freecs (hereafter referred to as Guangdong), considered the two ‘dark horses’ this season, ended with Brion’s victory after a full-set slugfest.

On the 21st, 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring Split, held at LoL Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on the 1st week 4th day of the 2nd match, Brion won against Guangdong with a set score of 2-1.

Immediately after the start of the first set, Maokai intervened in the lower area, grabbed Jerry, and took the lead. Brion monopolized the first dragon and messenger without much resistance, then gathered in the lower area to defeat the bot duo and summon the messenger. Guangdong, who took the second dragon to hit the stack and glared at the messenger, exchanged 1 kill each against Brion’s resistance.

Guangdong, who switched to engagement after a fight over the fourth dragon, took the dragon, but Jerry was cut and gave the Baron buff, and Brion, who added 2 kills, broke the balance and took 2 dragons in a row. He even took the dragon’s soul. Guangdong, who was hitting Baron, started an attack towards the Brion troops, but the Brion troops who shed it swept 4 kills in the jungle, entered the Guangdong headquarters, demolished one suppressor tower, retreated, put on the Baron buff, and started a follow-up engagement. He won and took his first set point.

At the end of the early 2nd set, after exchanging 1 kill each, the first dragon was taken by Brion, but just before the second dragon appeared, Guangdong’s Jerry caught Nami and took the dragon, and right after that, Brion’s Narga Tower at the top With the help of Xanthe, Lucian also defeated Jerry. When the third dragon appeared, the battle opened in the central area, and Guangdong pushed Brion away and started attacking the dragon.

Guangdong, who gained momentum, chased into the jungle, but Lucian attacked and returned 3 kills after Brion was lured by Nar. I walked and swept 3 kilometers. With the balance broken, the Guangdong troops entered the opponent’s base and removed the inhibitors one by one, defiantly overcoming Brion’s resistance and turning the match into 3 sets. 카지노

From the beginning of the final set to decide the game, the check was fierce, and the first dragon was taken by Guangdong and the messenger was taken by Brion, then Lillia intervened in the central area, and after Brion, who obtained the first point by holding karma, spilled the raid in the central area. Summoned the messenger and hit the dragon stack. All-out war in front of the messenger Brion, who also took the second messenger while cutting Nar and Lulu, aimed for the dragon that Guangdong was attacking, and Renekton attempted an attack from behind, but Guangdong, who withstood it, took 2 kills and took the first dragon 2 stacks.

After the fourth dragon appeared, Brion, who drove out Guangdong and got 2 stacks, removed 3 follow-up engagements and immediately went to Baron to apply a buff. I added 2 kills and monopolized the third dragon stack and the second baron buff. Aiming at Brion’s dragon strike situation, Guangdong launched a deadly attack, but Brion, who swept 4 kills with a counterattack as if he had waited, entered the opponent’s main base with the spirit of the wind dragon and achieved a streak by launching Ace with a celebration.

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